VVV Giftcard: Offering customization to customers

VVV Nederland is a trusted Dutch nationwide provider of gift cards. With their broad network of participants the gift cards can be used in over 17.000 (online) stores and locations across the country, the ideal gift for many occasions.


Increase efficiency in distribution and production time with 3D configurator

The commitment to always improve customer satisfaction combined with the need for continuous innovation made them recognize the growing demand of delivering an even more personalized gift card experience.

The foremost challenge that was to be faced was one of not sacrificing conversion and user friendliness to provide this improved experience. On top of that, a new system was required to make sure all partners in the print & design chain were included without any manual steps keeping production and distribution time as short as possible.


Automated print process with print-ready files

After researching various solutions for 2D design of printed products VVV was confident they should take their new solution to the next level. VVV went one step further and decided to go for a fully immersive 3D experience. Users are able to freely design their gift card and have the best presentation of the end result possible. On the production side the processing of the artwork and communication to the printing factory is automated and optimized.

By partnering with Expivi, VVV is able to provide this dynamic and customizable gift card experience for both their b2c and b2b customers. Users can easily personalize gift cards through intuïtive steps with rich editing features to fully customize a gift card. The end result is directly sent to their printing department in the correct printing format, to ensure a smooth delivery process and short delivery times of just 1 day.


Increased conversion and higher margin by up-sells

With the personalized gift card solution, VVV delivers an exceptional gifting experience that delights both the giver and the recipient. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also leads to increased conversion and higher margins as customers are presented various upsell possibilities during the personalization process.

Furthermore, VVV can gather valuable data and insights from the personalized gift card solution. By analyzing recipient preferences and redemption patterns, VVV can optimize their offerings, identify popular experiences, and forge strategic partnerships to expand their range of gift card options.

Through the collaboration with Expivi, VVV has successfully transformed their gift card experience, providing customers with personalized and memorable gifts that reflect their unique interests.

Designed by customers

Customers are designing their own giftcard, allowing VVV to reduce their overhead costs for print proofs.

Automated print process

After an order is placed, the print ready files is automatically sent to the printer and ready for distribution.

Improved user experience

Customers can do everything themselves, creating unique designs. This improves the customer experience and stimulates conversion.

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