Zippo: a unique lighter for everyone

One of the most famous lighter brands worldwide, based in the United States of America. How can they increase the customer experience and offer an immersive shopping experience for their customers?


The lack of customization and configuration

Zippo, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality lighters, faced a challenge in expanding their online sales and delivering an immersive shopping experience to their customers. While their products were well-received in physical stores, the transition to digital sales presented a hurdle due to the inability to showcase their craftsmanship and intricate designs effectively. Zippo recognized the need to enhance their online presence and sought a solution to engage customers in a virtual environment.


Design your own lighter: unique products

To address their e-commerce challenges, Zippo forged a strategic collaboration with Expivi, a leading platform specializing in imm
ersive 3D product visualization and configuration. Together, they aimed to revolutionize the way customers experienced Zippo lighters online, replicating the tangible experience of holding a Zippo in their hands.

Expivi’s innovative technology enables Zippo to present interactive 3D models of their lighters, capturing every intricate detail and providing customers with an unprecedented level of product exploration.In addition Expivi’s solution allows buyers to customize their lighters in real-time, selecting finishes, engravings, and even choosing from an array of unique design elements. The integration of augmented reality (AR) further enabled customers to visualize how the lighter would look in their own hands or in different settings, adding an element of personalization and confidence to their purchase decisions.


Fully customizable and automated print process

Zippo’s collaboration with Expivi yielded remarkable results, transforming their online sales and elevating the customer experience. By offering an immersive and interactive shopping journey, Zippo witnessed a significant boost in sales, with customers feeling more confident in their purchase decisions due to the realistic representation of the products further strengthened by the offering of product customization. Customization of products leads to an increased emotional attachment to buyers who are more likely to make a purchase increasing conversion rates.

The integration of Expivi’s technology resulted in a substantial decrease in return rates, as customers had a clear understanding of what they were purchasing and could ensure it matched their expectations. This improved customer satisfaction and built trust in Zippo’s online offerings, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Automated design and printing

The customer designs a lighter without human interaction. After the order is placed the lighter is produced automatically, reducing errors and costs.

Customer experience

After the implementation of the tool the customer experience increased. The interactive solution allows users to design their unique products.

Reduced product waste

Every lighter is manufactured after finishing the order. No stock left behind and zero product waste.

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