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CPQ software from Expivi: automated configurations, quotations and pricing

Expivi’s CPQ software is revolutionizing how companies create and manage quotations. This innovative tool improves the sales process and ensures error-free, fast quotations. With Expivi’s CPQ software for manufacturing, customers can easily and accurately request quotes that are sent automatically.

Our platform takes into account all elements that influence price, including product visualization and complex pricing strategies. Thanks to real-time pricing, the system delivers accurate quotations quickly. Moreover, CPQ software integrates perfectly with CMS and ERP systems, providing instant visibility of orders.

What is CPQ software?

CPQ software stands for Configure, Price, Quote software. It is a business tool that helps companies configure complex products, set accurate prices and generate quotes. CPQ software automates the quotation process by considering various factors such as product options, pricing rules and customer data. This results in faster and error-free quotations, which increases efficiency and speeds up the sales cycle. It is especially useful for companies with complex product lines and pricing strategies.


  • Expivi’s configuration software helps users configure complex products. Through 3D product configuration and AR, the configured products are immediately visible to the customer. Customization down to the last detail!
  • Expivi’s pricing tools ensure accurate pricing of configured products, taking into account factors such as costs, margins, discounts and external factors.
  • With our CPQ software, you can ensure that the customer receives a professional quote that includes all the product and pricing information needed to make the right purchasing decision.

Using CPQ software boosts sales by speeding up the buying process and ensures a positive customer experience. 

The benefits of CPQ software

Expivi’s CPQ software solutions bring a host of significant benefits. Let’s explore the key benefits that set us apart:

Expedited and Error-Free Quotation Delivery

Our CPQ software solutions empower customers to self-configure complex products with ease. The journey from request to quotation is entirely automated, thanks to real-time pricing and seamless system integration. This technology ensures a rapid, streamlined process, eliminating manual errors and significantly shortening response times, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Intricate Pricing Calculations Decoded

Expivi CPQ software can manage any pricing challenge: from attribute and SKU pricing to script pricing for intricate calculations or leveraging data from external systems like ERP. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt to diverse pricing scenarios effortlessly. Curious for more details? Dive into our frequently asked questions below for insights on how our adaptable pricing model can fit your specific business needs.

Boost Sales with On-Demand Production

Enhance conversion rates and clarify product pricing with our CPQ software for manufacturers. Shift away from inventory dependence as products are manufactured post-order. This innovative approach not only reduces lost sales opportunities but also amplifies production efficiency and drives up sales figures, aligning with the dynamic demands of the modern market and reducing overhead costs associated with inventory management.

Envisioning the Future of Quotations

Expivi is a comprehensive, modular solution, blending 3D visualization with robust CPQ software features. This innovative fusion enables real-time visualization of complex configurations, profoundly transforming and adding immense value to your marketing efforts across both B2B and B2C sectors. The immediate visibility of configured products to end-users significantly uplifts the customer experience, creating a more engaging and interactive buying journey, and fostering stronger customer relationships and loyalty.

Minimizing Physical Inventory Reliance

Our CPQ software solutions integrate across all sales channels, liberating resellers from the constraints of physical inventory. This uniform solution allows for full customization of both business and end-user orders, ensuring superior control over sales and delivery quality. By minimizing reliance on physical inventory, businesses can achieve greater agility and responsiveness in their operations, enhancing customer satisfaction through faster delivery times and more tailored product offerings.

Empowering Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Strategies

Expivi’s CPQ software for manufacturing opens vast opportunities for manufacturers to sell complex products directly to consumers. The same configurations used by resellers can be seamlessly employed on their own websites, expanding market reach and customer engagement. This direct-to-consumer approach allows for deeper insights into consumer preferences, enabling manufacturers to refine product offerings and marketing strategies, and build direct relationships with their end customers.

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Eduard Saris, Founder & CEO

“It was a no-brainer to choose to work with Expivi. We have more than 10.000 variations of our product. Expivi’s 3D configurator enabled us to showcase all combinations while giving the customer the power to create their dream trailer.”

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Frequently asked questions about Expivi CPQ software:

When is CPQ software interesting?

  • When products have a longer life cycle.
  • When products are not tied to a season.
  • When products have a high value or high volume.
  • When products are complex and therefore configurable.

What type of company is CPQ suitable for?

CPQ software is especially useful for manufacturing companies that face challenges in configuring complex products with many options and variables. Expivi’s customers are particularly active in the following sectors: mobility, transportation and marine; industrial machinery and manufacturing; furniture and outdoor; construction and supply; construction and industrial materials; and electronics and machine supplies.

What form of pricing fits my products?

It depends on your desired output and result from the configurator. Expivi can handle multiple prices as listed below. If you want to talk about this, please reach out to us.

  • Attribute pricing: with attribute pricing, prices are determined on the basis of the specific characteristics of the product. For example, the size, color or material. and other options chosen for the end product are taken into account. This makes attribute pricing ideal for less complex products such as Doppio’s bikes.
  • SKU pricing (Stock Keeping Unit): with SKU Pricing, Expivi goes a step further. Indeed, thanks to the generation of dynamic SKUs, it is possible to generate products based on the parts used. The link with the ERP system ensures that there are millions of possibilities when it comes to configuration and pricing. This also makes the production process many times more efficient because the specific parts are in the order instead of products. Ideal for complex products such as Expandable’s trailers.
  • Script pricing: Expivi’s script engine enables us to offer our most advanced and newest form of pricing. With this technology, we can accommodate all forms of pricing for our customers, incorporating not only SKU-based pricing but also additional data from external systems. This powerful script engine makes complex pricing more transparent and insightful for our customers.
  • External pricing: here Expivi uses data from external pricing systems. For example, those of suppliers.

How does CPQ create more sales and higher margins?

  • Composable software: all Expivi solutions are modular.
  • The different solutions (3D, AR, CPQ and design to print) are modular and therefore can be implemented individually, but also as a total solution.
  • Expvi integrates with all systems (software) including its own CMS, ERP, CAD and PIM systems.
  • With the omnichannel solutions for retailers and manufacturers, the store floor and resellers become an extension of the webshop.