Stunning From Every Angle

Configured for best performance for both desktop and mobile, Expivi’s 360° Product Viewer allows visitors to your website to zoom and rotate your products to view from any angle, enabling them to see every feature and benefit in high definition.

Upgrading from static images to interactive 3D visualizations not only dramatically improves the customer experience but is also an excellent way to differentiate your site from that of your competitors.  

Built for E-Commerce

Our Product Viewer has been built for E-Commerce from the ground up:

  • Lightning Fast - Add detailed 360° product views without slowing your website down
  • Increase Conversion Rates - Improved customer experience gives visitors the confidence to make a purchase
  • Reduced Return Rate - Improved visualization minimizes the chance a customer will purchase and then return a product
  • Fully Scalable - Easy to implement, even with thousands of products
  • Integrates Easily - Plugins available for Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Lightspeed, SAP Hybris, and Salesforce Cloud  
Expivi webshop platform