Better Design

Our drag-and-drop product configurator lets you view product representations in real-time. Make quick changes without breaking a sweat. Just drag, drop, and optimize your designs.

  • Simplify the design process
  • Save time with digital prototypes
  • Ensure brand consistency   

Streamline Product Development

View 3D-configurable products from every angle in real-time. Set up lighting, tweak materials, edit scenes, make configurations — and do it all from inside your browser. Our drag-and-drop feature facilitates the entire design process. 

Built for Mobile. Integrate Into Your Existing Workshop.

Our drag-and-drop product configurator even works on mobile, so you can design on the go, wherever you are in the world. Product design on smartphones and tablets has never been this easy — or looked so good.

You can also use our drag-and-drop feature in your existing workshop. We provide integrations for various platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Lightspeed, SAP Hybris, Shopify, Salesforce Cloud, and more. Need help with your integration? Contact us.

Drag. Drop. Done.

Optimize workflows by creating 3D-configurable products with our simple drag-and-drop feature. This way, you can visualize products on our platform with greater speed and clarity. All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop product configurator lets you make smarter decisions that speed up development cycles, so you can launch products in record time.

  1. Create 3D models of your products
  2. Upload and setup in Expivi
  3. Use drag-and-drop for product representations and visualize products on the platform