Enable Customers To Self-Configure Their Purchases

By implementing a rules-based product configuration tool, you will enable your customers to self-configure their purchases themselves while shopping online. They can browse every option, access real-time pricing that automatically updates as they edit their configuration, and take their chosen creation directly to checkout. Purchasing custom products has never been easier.

Reduce Barriers to Purchase

Without online configuration, customers must place custom orders over the phone or by email. This increases the opportunity for error and puts an additional step in the customer’s buying journey.

By enabling a customer to configure their product online, selling complex custom products becomes as seamless and easy as selling a simple one. Customers are guided through their configuration, can see every option available to them, and are prevented by the system from requesting a configuration that is not possible.  

No Coding Necessary

Want the blue version of your product to cost $30 more? Simple. Expivi’s rules-based product configuration is a no-code solution, enabling any employee to create, edit, and manage the custom products on your system with minimal training.

Setting up a product with multiple sizes, colors, and optional extras, as well as mapping out dependencies and price changes, is simple and easy. You can also assign custom images, descriptions, and more for your different variants.