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Discover Expivi's tailored 3D solution for every industry

Our unique 3D CPQ solution is suitable for numerous business cases in almost any type of industry. We have a focus on manufacturing companies and keep innovating to provide you with the best solution on the market.

We offer industry specific solutions and features that will aid you to offer your customers the best customer experience possible. Want to learn from others that leverage Expivi in your industry?

The power of 3D configuration

Expivi goes beyond traditional 3D and AR solutions, offering a directly adjustable 3D view of all product features and options. This enables:

Realistic 3D

Showcase your entire product range and options in a realistic 3D view to enhance the user experience. Customers can instantly see every material and feature in their chosen configuration, providing an exact preview of the final product.

Full Digital Catalog

Replace your physical automotive product catalog with a comprehensive 3D configurator, creating a manageable and future-proof digital catalog. This digital catalog serves as a powerful sales tool, simplifying and enhancing your product offerings.


Empower customers and companies to personalize their designs or branded products using our configuration platform. This level of customization ensures that every customer gets exactly what they envision, creating an initial bond between the customer and the product. The overall customer experience will be significantly improved.


The configurator allows you to generate quotes directly from the configuration, displaying all prices and options in one comprehensive solution. Customers can prepare their configurations in advance, ensuring they arrive at the showroom better informed and ready to finalize their purchase.

More up-sell and increase order value

Increase your average order value by showcasing related products, accessories, and options in a visually appealing 3D realistic view. This immersive experience encourages customers to select higher-end options and additional accessories.

Price setup

Utilize pricing based on stock keeping units, attributes, or complex rules according to your business logic. This flexibility ensures accurate and immediate pricing for every configuration.

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Peter Eiselin, CEO and Founder

“Saying ‘we don’t have this bike or accessory in the shop right now’ is a thing of the past. People want convenience, and with the configurator we are able to meet and exceed their expectations.”

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