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Revolutionize the Construction industry with Expivi’s 3D Configuration

Streamline the way you present and sell complex constructions with Expivi’s advanced 3D configurator, designed to enhance customer confidence and drive sales. Access a wide range of features and benefits, and boost your product presentation and sales to the next level.

What are the advantages of product 3D configuration in the construction sector?

  • Engage customers by interactive 3D and AR visualization of constructions, enabling them to customize and personalize their preferences in real-time.
  • Enable automatic price calculations based on SKU, attributes, or complex rules such as weight and surface dimensions.
  • Empower both B2B and B2C customers to generate quotes directly within the configurator. This eliminates the need for a sales representative to calculate quotes, speeding up the sales cycle and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Meet The Future of the Construction Sector with 3D Configuration

Expivi offers a comprehensive 3D view of all construct features and options. This gives companies in construction the opportunity to:

Simplify Complex Products

Make complex constructions or construction products easy to understand and visualize. Our 3D configurator replaces static images and product options with real-time 3D displays, resulting in higher confidence in customers’ purchasing decisions.

Reduce Errors

3D configuration minimizes production errors by allowing only feasible combinations in the configurator. This precision reduces waste and ensures that every order can be produced efficiently.

Increase Average Order Value

Boost your average order value by showcasing up-sells and accessories in 3D. The enhanced visuals make premium options more attractive, encouraging customers to choose higher-end products.

Generate Dynamic SKUs

Generate SKUs based on unique configurations, even those not predefined. This flexibility allows for a vast range of product options without the need for extensive manual input.

Save Costs

Save on costs associated with product samples and photoshoots for every possible combination. Our 3D configurator is easily scalable, offering a cost-effective solution for displaying a wide range of products.

Seamlessly Plan Resource Integration

Automatically create a bill of materials from configurations and connect it to your ERP system. This integration automates the production process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency from order to delivery.

Provide an unparalleled customer experience by making it easy to visualize and customize complex constructions. Experience the future of construction product sales with Expivi’s cutting-edge 3D configurator. Optimize your workflow, reduce costs, and deliver an exceptional customer experience that sets your business apart.

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Thomas de Ganck, Ecommerce & Digital Manager

"At Lecot we strongly believe in unburdening our customers (installers, building & construction professionals). Solutions like Expivi’s 3D product configurator perfectly fit with that vision and helps us in realising our ambitions & customer-centric philosophy. We want to offer our clients the (online) tools tailored to their needs. And in such way we want to help them focus on - and realise the projects at their clients. If at the same time, by offering such tools, we increase satisfaction & retention as well as build a closer and true partnership with our customers an suppliers. Than we could say ‘mission accomplished’ and call it a win-win-win."

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