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Transform the Furniture Business with Expivi’s 3D Configuration

Revolutionize the way you showcase and sell furniture with Expivi’s 3D configurator, designed to enhance user experience and to boost successful sales. Bring your entire furniture catalog to life in stunning 3D. Allow customers to explore all possible options, improving their experience and engagement with your brand.

Why 3D Product Configuration for the furniture sector?

  • Our 3D configurator is designed to scale effortlessly. It allows you to expand your digital offerings without incurring excessive costs.
  • The configurator ensures that only viable combinations are possible, reducing production errors and costs. This streamlined approach enhances both efficiency and profitability.
  • Engage customers by interactive 3D and AR visualization of constructions, enabling them to customize and personalize their preferences in real-time.

Disrupting the furniture industry with on-demand manufacturing

Download the whitepaper and learn about the impact of on-demand manufacturing and change the way you do business in the furniture industry.

Always one step ahead in the furniture market with 3D Configuration

Expivi offers customers a comprehensive 3D view of all product features and options. For companies in the furniture industry, this results in:

Unique Customization Experience

Provide consumers with a tool that makes them create something truly unique. This customization capability enhances the brand experience, making customers feel more connected to your products.

Enhanced Showroom Experience

Leverage the 3D configurator to attract more customers to your showroom. By allowing them to play around with the configurator, save their configurations, and validate them in-store.

Interactive Showroom Displays

Deploy touch screens in your showroom to display the 3D configurator, enabling customers to browse the complete catalog and create orders on the spot. This interactive experience enriches their shopping journey.

Inventory Optimization

Reduce the need for extensive inventory by showcasing only a few models for inspiration. Use the configurator to create unique combinations, minimizing stock while offering vast customization options.

Showcase Complex Combinations

Display complex modular furniture configurations with ease. Give customers the confidence to make purchases by allowing them to visualize intricate combinations effortlessly.

Increased Order Value

Boost your average order value by highlighting more options in the configurator. The enhanced visuals make these premium options look more appealing, tempting customers to upgrade their choices.

Experience the future of furniture retail with Expivi’s cutting-edge 3D configurator. Optimize your workflow, reduce costs, and deliver an exceptional shopping experience that drives sales and customer satisfaction.

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Klaas Berends, Marketing & Ecommerce Manager, de Bommel Meubelen

"We chose Expivi because their 3D configurator is transforming how we interact with our customers. It empowers us to offer an exceptional level of customization and engagement, showcasing the full potential of our furniture."

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