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Visualize impact with Expivi's 3D configurator for manufacturing

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Say goodbye to traditional product showcasing and embrace a cutting-edge solution that will transform the way you engage with your customers. With Expivi, we enable manufacturers to automate processes. From order to production, customised orders are unlocked without manual intervention.

With Expivi’s configurator, complex price calculations are performed automatically and an accurate price always follows. This prevents ambiguity and, as a result, production starts immediately. Streamlining these processes from order to production is Expivi’s impact for a manufacturer.

This ultimately leads to:

  • Reducing your physical stocks
  • Streamlined sales process with fewer errors and faster quotes
  • Improved customer experience with interactive 3D visualization
  • More accurate quotes with real-time pricing and product configuration

Expivi CPQ software: the power of automated configurations, quotations and complex pricing

Besides visualising complex products in 3D and AR, Expivi offers much more. Using its CPQ software (Configure, Price, Quote), it helps automate the quotation process. Our software is designed to speed up and improve companies’ sales and quotation processes. CPQ software enables your customers to quickly and flawlessly request quotes that are then automatically prepared and sent.

Composable software for manufacturers

But that’s not all! Expivi goes beyond traditional 3D and AR solutions to provide you with a composable suite of features tailored to meet the specific needs of your business:

Modular platform

The various solutions (3D, AR, CPQ and design-to-print) are modular and can therefore be implemented individually, but also as a total solution.

Seamless integration

Expvi integrates with all systems (software) including its own CMS, ERP, CAD and PIM systems.


With the omnichannel solutions for retailers and manufacturers, the shop floor and resellers become an extension of the web shop.

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CPQ to reduce sales cycle by 40%


3D configurator to speed up the quotation process and generate bill of material


Fully customized gloves with design to print automation


Increase up-sell and revenue by showing accessories

Philipp Engeler – Online Marketing Manager @ Hoffmann Neopac AG

"From the first contact, the Expivi people understood our needs and we were on the same page talking at eye level."

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