360° Magento product customization

Transform the customer experience on Magento 2.0 with Expivi's innovative 3D product configuration tool, where interactivity meets customization. Consumers create their own products with unlimited personalization options and view them in magnificent 3D. Countless colors, sizes, and add-ons. This is e-commerce for the next generation. This is e-commerce without limits. 

Utilizing AR technology, Expivi's product configurator maximizes Magento, letting shoppers create and view products on their terms, with no human interaction. It rebrands, reinvents, and reconstructs the entire shopping experience with its "make-your-own" approach to e-commerce. 

Customers view every detail of their home-made products without leaving home. Customers control everything. And customers see everything, with razor-sharp 3D precision that boosts engagement and sales.  

How Expivi's product configurator integrates with Magento

With the open-source Magento product configurator, consumers become product designers and graphic artists. Using the latest drag-and-drop technology, customers personalize products within your Magento store, preview the results in full 360° mode, and view real-time prices based on their chosen configurations. Magento takes care of the rest, from payment to order fulfillment. It's simple, it's seamless, and it's smart. 

Stand out from the crowd. Outrank your rivals. Let customers become creators.   

The benefits of the Magento product configurator

The Expivi/Magento integration improves the user experience with customizable design functionality. This encourages more people to visit your online store/order products and generates a profitable revenue stream.

There are no customization limits, which increases repeat orders. Customers can create custom designs over and over and over again. There are also time savings. Integrating Expivi into your Magento store reduces time-to-market by automating many of the tasks in your sales pipelines, all through one Magento plugin. Use this time to complete jobs that grow your business. Set-up is a breeze, and you can access full support whenever you like.  

A partnership that is meant to last

Digital merchants looking for a competitive edge benefit from this product configuration tool, which makes product design accessible to all consumers. There's none of the lag that makes configuring products a chore. Just drag, drop, and drag again. This is not a 3D "viewer," but an interactive tool that creates an unparalleled virtual experience directly on your Magento store.

While other online stores display one or two product photos, Expivi's revolutionary tool lets customers experience personalized products from every conceivable angle, with 20/20 clarity. From the top, the bottom, the sides, and the corners. It's like picking up a product in a brick-and-mortar store.