Intensify The Entire Online Customer Experience

Introducing Expivi's product configurator for SAP, which personalizes the whole shopping experience. Create a virtual superstore. Turn your sales up to 11. This is the future of e-commerce.

Expivi's SAP integration gives you the edge in an ever-competitive marketplace. For years, merchants have used photos and videos to sell products online. With the SAP product configurator, you’ll create fully-immersive, interactive 360-degree virtual experiences, where shoppers personalize and configure orders with a simple drag-and-drop tool. Put the power back into the hands of customers.

With Expivi, your customer will be able to visualize your product’s look and feel in real-time. Make no mistake: This is not another 3D viewer. Our 3D product configurator blends customization, interactivity, and engagement into one simple tool that integrates into three SAP products.

Forget everything you've been told about e-commerce. This is a retail revolution. Come join us!  

Seamless Integration

Integration doesn't have to be a chore. With the SAP product configurator from Expivi, there's smart, seamless integration between:

Integrate these three SAP products without breaking a sweat. Also, collaboration between sales, marketing, engineering, and production teams are made easier with Expivi’s SAP product configurator.  

Augmented Reality (AR)

Now customers can see what a product looks like in a live environment. The SAP product configurator automatically transfers product configurations to a webAR platform, providing consumers with real-time insights into what their products really look like in their own environment. 


With Expivi's product configurator, you’ll have access to sales analytics for each product and each individual component or feature of that product. Make smarter manufacturing, inventory, and marketing decisions with data provided by Expivi and SAP.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

The SAP product configurator provides customers with a real-time 360-degree view of products for smarter shopping decisions. Consumers can see what a product looks like after every single configuration. 

Completing the sales process for complex products is made easier with Expivi. Customers can easily navigate your product’s features, variants, and add-ons with a seamless shopping experience.

All customization happens directly on product pages, so customers don't need to navigate to another page (or website). The result? A more valuable, frictionless shopping experience that sends sales into the stratosphere.  

"Headless" Integration via Modular API

Implementing a fully-integrated 3D e-commerce system with SAP products can be a nightmare task. Because of SAP’s complex environment, retailers typically have to incur high development costs to build a custom 3D e-commerce system.

This is why we designed a API-based solution to easily integrate our 3D e-commerce solution with SAP. Expivi’s “headless” solution with SAP offers countless customizations and configurations, allowing companies to seamlessly add 3D e-commerce technology to their site while keeping their existing SAP configuration.

This component-based approach allows native integrations on systems where developers integrate each component separately.   

Automated Supply Chain

Products have lots of different components. It's what makes them unique. Take shoes, for example. Shoes have components like soles, laces, and inserts. When manufacturers order shoes, back-end fulfillment systems assign orders for each of these components.

Expivi works similarly. When a customer personalizes a pair of shoes, for example, Expivi understands the required components for that order and sends this information to your back-end fulfillment system. The whole process is automated, saving you time and inventory costs.

Expivi builds article lists that communicate with your ERP system and generates a complete Bill of Materials for every order. Again, the whole process is automated. Your back-end system receives a list of materials and parts (and the quantities of each) to fulfill a customer's personalized order.   

Meet Expivi

Expivi is a ground-breaking e-commerce platform that redefines the retail experience using 3D and AR tech.

Expivi is a proud member of, the venture arm of SAP. helps more than 200 innovative start-ups worldwide, providing them with investment and mentorship opportunities through their foundries' zero-equity accelerator and venture studio programs. From more than 150 applicants, SAP has chosen just seven start-ups to participate in its Fall 2019 Commerce and Marketing Program. Expivi is one of the chosen few.