Expivi's 3D Product Configurator for Shopify

Imagine all customers could design products just like famous people do. Or personalize products based on their budget, tastes, and circumstances. With Expivi's 3D product configuration tool for Shopify, this is no longer a dream, but a reality. Customers design, personalize, and view products in a fully-immersive 360° environment, providing you with a profitable new revenue stream. Welcome to the future of digital retail.

This code-free Shopify 3D product configurator utilizes AR technology to create a product customizer based on color, size, and material— among other factors. It all happens directly in your online store using a simple Shopify plugin, so there's no software or app to download.

And no code whatsoever.

T1tan 3D configurator Expivi

Integrate the Expivi 3D product configurator into Shopify

A couple of photos and a list of specs isn't enough to turn prospects into bona fide customers. As competition in the digital retail space intensifies, you need a radical new approach to ecommerce. This is where the Expivi/Shopify integration comes in. The Shopify product builder plugin replaces/compliments regular photos with an unparalleled virtual shopping experience that inspires passion and creativity. Shoppers become designers and custom-build personalized products, pixel by pixel.

Savvy shoppers crave alternative experiences that provide value. Expivi's 3D product configurator lets customers design/view products on Shopify with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Customers experience product designs from various angles and see real-time prices based on their configurations. This improves engagement, interactivity, and sales. Shopify handles many of the back-end functions associated with the process, including payment and product fulfillment, so you can quickly move customers through your sales funnel using our simple Shopify product builder.

How do Expivi and Shopify work together?

Incorporating Expivi’s 3D product configurator into Shopify is easy when using this plugin. Although there are no limits on the number of customizations available to customers, you can set up pre-determined rules to prevent configurations that breach safety guidelines or damage your brand's reputation, providing you with peace of mind. Full support is available at all times.

The configuration tool doesn't lag or cause problems for customers, and works across multiple browsers and devices. This creates a seamless configuration experience that allows customers to see their customized product in their own space using AR technology. As a result, consumers are less likely to hit the 'back' button and more likely to head to the checkout. In addition, you can encourage repeat orders by adding new product customization options over time.