Archiproducts' 3D and AR Furniture Configurator

Archiproducts is the world's largest informative and inspirational source for architecture and design. On their website, visitors can be inspired by over 250,000 different products from 3,500 different brands.

For a wide range of furniture products, they're using Expivi's 3D and AR configurator to showcase the products and all its variations and options. Customers are able to see products from any angle and all the little details by zooming in.

They've also added a special QR code for the Augmented Reality functionality. By scanning the code on mobile devices, customers will be taken to the AR version of the product, so they can view it in their own setting.

"From the first contact, the Expivi people understood our needs and we were on the same page talking at eye level."

Philipp Engeler
Online Marketing Manager @ Hoffmann Neopac AG

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