We have managed to generate a unique consumer experience and see a huge cost reduction by replacing all images with a single 3D solution. 

Inspiring examples from customers

We are proud of the work we do for our customers and therefore like to show it in these use cases. 

Plaka Sandals

The collaboration between Plaka and Expivi has been extremely successful. By using the Expivi platform, Plaka has been able to meet the needs of their customers by allowing them to view exactly what they are buying, This has also reduced the amount of products returned and increased the overall value per order. Their sales are becoming more and more valuable.

With the help of Expivi our percentage of errors decreased by 50%

Robert - CEO 123Maatkussens


123maatkussens offers its customers the opportunity to put together their own cushions. The customer can fully customize her cushions in terms of shape, fabric, thickness, type and design. Together with Expivi, they have been able to ensure that the product is clearly displayed to the customer. In this way, errors are avoided and the purchase process received a boost.