123maatkussens offers its customers the opportunity to put together their own cushions. The customer can fully customize her cushions in terms of shape, fabric, thickness, type and design. Together with Expivi, they have been able to ensure that the product is clearly displayed to the customer. In this way, errors are avoided and the purchase process received a boost.

2D to Expivi 3D

The implementation of Expivi on the website of 123maatkussens gave their customers the opportunity to put together the products themselves on the website. Different fabrics, sizes and colours can be combined endlessly. Customers can see in real time the result of the product they have put together. By guiding customers better in their buying process, the buying confidence increases. Because they see exactly what they are buying, the chance of returns is smaller.

Expivi has helped 123maatkussens with: 
 ● increasing the added value on purchases, 
 ● clearly displaying the personalized products, 
 ● the percentage of errors decreased by 50%.   

Maatkussens 3d configurator Expivi

With the help of Expivi our percentage of errors decreased by 50%

Robert - CEO 123 Maatkussens

The result

Assemble and order high-quality cushions quickly. That's what makes 123maatkussens stand out from their competitors. Over the past few years, 123maatkussens have experienced considerable growth, the corona period during which many people were confined to their homes, started to invest in their living environment has once again provided a boost. With the configuration tool 123maatkussens was already prepared for this peak in online shopping. Want to know more about a future-proof online shopping experience? Plan your demo here.