3D product configurator — why do you need it?

Interactive 3D configurator increases your customer interaction  

What is a product configurator? Let your customers rotate and zoom into 3D products — yes, we’re talking about a 360° and detailed view in the highest possible quality. Worried about performance? We’ve got you covered with a web based product configurator on desktop and mobile too. With this visual product configurator in place, you can give customers a realistic idea of the products that they’re buying; they get to see every angle, and can almost get a feel for the product. Don’t let customers wonder anymore. And important to note: 3D product configurators are the sustainable solution for commerce that’ll decrease your returns, while increasing customer engagement.    

Let customers personalize products  
With 3D product configurators, you can put the customer in the driver’s seat. They’re able to pick from any type of variations you choose to give them, that lets them build products themselves, customized to their needs. What’s more is they can see those changes in real-time and are able to play around with color, texture, and other options your brand provides. The added layer to customization is personalization. Your online product configurators can let customers really make items their own, by uploading logos, changing logo placements, and including engravings — to name a few options.

Structure 3D configurators easily
3D configurators can be straightforward, or as complex as you need them to be. But we keep things simple for your customers. Our team of experts helps you generate all variations of your product’s decision tree. The automated and visual workflow of your product configuration is in our hands; no need to define every variation of products yourself. Our team guides you through structuring 3D models and building visualization so that our platform can automatically generate all the configurator variations for you. We’ve worked with brands from different industries, spanning from large trailers and containers to intricate jewelry — and there isn’t always a one-size fits all situation, but there’s always a base from which to start from.

Get insight about your customers
With a 3D product configurator, you can make data-driven decisions that’ll help you scale faster. How? By letting customers build their own products and choosing from your available features, you’re able to get better insight into customer behavior and optimize products based on their needs. That’s critical info you need to drive your sales and marketing efforts. You’re able to anticipate what customers might like, based on data that’ll inform your next collection. In fact, you’re able to spot trends and add or remove product features directly on the 3D configurator, in real-time (because why wait).

You set the product configurator rules
With our product, you’re able to set up the most complex business rules for your 3D product configurator using our visual rules builder. Choose constraints and conditions that set parameters for what your customers can do with products. Don’t break a sweat — and control elements of your configurator that align with your brand. And get this, you need zero lines of code. We actually make it easy for you to write business rules — as simply as drawing diagrams. Let your customers create and build using your 3D product configurator, but within rules that you set up yourself — without a single line of code. 

3D configurators increase customer engagement by 60%

Just plug and play
Concerned about integrating with your webstore? Our product easily integrates with other e-commerce platforms using native plugins. In fact, we’re fully integrated with WooCommerce, Shopify, SAP, Salesforce, Magento and Lightspeed. That means that you’re only managing one data point for your online product configurator, keeping things easy and simple for your e-commerce. What’s more is that we help you set up the integration and offer extensive support via articles and video tutorials. We also have a weekly Live Q&A for all your burning questions around integrating your 3D product.

The sustainable solution your supply chain needs
Our platform connects your e-commerce store with your manufacturing processes. With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in place, every order via your 3D product configurator generates a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) that tells your manufacturing process exactly what’s needed. A list is created of all the raw materials, parts and quantities needed to produce the item that goes directly to your ERP system, without human interaction — reducing errors in the order processing. It’s the sustainable solution your business needs — you only produce what’s ordered, using up raw material smartly. What’s more is the ERP system allows you to reduce inventory, moving towards Made-to-Order — a zero-waste future. Sounds complicated? Relax — with our extensive modular API, you’re just a few steps from integrating a dynamic supply chain solution.

Real-time pricing of 3D configured products
Our advanced real-time pricing system ensures that your customers see updated prices instantly as they’re configuring your products. While they’re customizing 3D products, they’re able to see pricing updates on the spot based on features that they add or remove. With our Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) functionality, you can give unique pricing for each component of the product that’s selected, as well as the total price of the final product. This is especially useful for companies that don’t show prices on their platform, but prefer to send quotes; it’s automatic! Also, you’re able to calculate your sales more easily, and know how much you're spending on each resource with the product’s Bill of Materials (BOM) set in place.

Faster go-to market with low-code
Set up products with low-code and launch 3D products in the market faster. With our Visual 3D Scene Editor, you’re able to set up product representations using the drag and drop functionality. Our 3D Scene Editor lets you create products that look amazing and as close to reality as possible, straight from your browser. With this full-fledged editor, you can set up lighting, cameras, and tweak materials, without using any code at all. Forget about time-consuming and costly photo shoots, this editor lets you build products without the hassle.  

Reliable performance
Our platform is built on a very reliable and global Content Delivery Network (CDN). What does that mean for you? It ensures the best performance and availability for your customers wherever they’re located. No need to worry about the performance of your 3D product configurator — it lives on its own, powered by our data streaming efforts. Also, the fact that we use a global network means that your product configurations (no matter how complex) are loaded for customers within seconds — anywhere in the world.

Modular API Integration
With a component-based system, we’re able to natively integrate with other systems using an API (Application Programming Interface). The API lists a bunch of operations that our developers can use, along with a description of what they do. Normally each component should be integrated separately, but with an API we’re able to integrate your 3D product configurator with other systems, seamlessly.