Expivi offers a seamless and intuitive augmented reality experience for your customers. With a single click, your customers can view the customized product on their mobile devices.

No extra plugins or work needed, because it’s already within Expivi’s platform! Your customers scan their surroundings, place the product in it and can view the product instantly. 

AR in e-commerce — how does it work?

With Expivi, you can give customers a seamless and interactive 3D Augmented Reality experience. It just takes a single click for your customers to view customized products on their mobile devices. What does that mean for AR in e-commerce? No extra plugins or work needed, because it’s already within Expivi’s platform. It’s actually pretty simple: your customers customize the product choosing from color, texture, and other features, then scan their surroundings, place the product against a surface, and view the product in Augmented Reality – instantly.

See how Augmented Reality works for yourself

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Take your e-commerce to the next level with Augmented Reality (AR)

By integrating Augmented Reality with e-commerce, you enrich the online experience of your customers, helping them make better buying decisions, faster than before. With Augmented Reality, customers can engage with your products in real-time, and really explore them from every angle. The biggest perk of Augmented Reality is actually having customers virtually try out products. After they’ve configured them using the 3D product configurator, they can move them around and place them anywhere. In fact, when customers use 3D Augmented Reality, they’re able to see exactly what they’re purchasing, which increases their buying confidence. Fewer products are left in the cart. This confidence level also encourages fewer product returns – because less inventory is exactly what you need; it’s the path to sustainability. AR in e-commerce is the future of shopping.   

Use Augmented Reality to increase your sales by 12%

Customize and personalize products within Augmented Reality

With Expivi’s seamless and interactive 3D Augmented Reality experience, your customers will better visualize products. Let’s face it, it’s what every customer wants. No more hesitations, no more uncertainties. You don’t have that feature in stores? No problem, you always have it on your Augmented Reality e-commerce platform. Seeing things in real-time is key. Don’t miss out on any opportunity again. Do you want to know more about the impact of Augmented Reality on your brand?