Buster & Punch: custom bespoke furniture and hardware

Buster + Punch is a London based brand and offers a wide range of product lines. By using rare, solid metals, they transform everyday functional fittings into extraordinary home details. How can they transform their customization possibilities into a configurator for chandeliers, kitchens and lighting hardware?

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The lack of customization and configuration

Before collaborating with Expivi, Buster & Punch faced challenges in effectively showcasing their high-quality and customizable lighting and hardware products to customers. The traditional approach of using static images and descriptions fell short in conveying the unique design and craftsmanship that set their products apart. Additionally, the lack of an interactive shopping experience made it difficult for customers to visualize the potential configurations and customizations available for the products.


Real-time pricing and configured kitchen units

Together with the team of Buster+Punch, Expivi created multiple product configurators. We started with the creation of digital twins for the products, setting them up as configurable products in a configurator and a partner integrated all of this in the front end.

Customers are now able to explore and customize chandeliers, wall sockets and even a kitchen in real-time, selecting the various finishes, materials, and designs. The configurator includes real time pricing information.

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Increased sales and loyalty with the new shopping experience

The collaboration between Buster+Punch and Expivi led to both sales and process improvements. Customers can actively participate in the design process, creating unique lighting fixtures and hardware that matched their individual tastes and preferences leading to an increase in conversion and higher average order values. The 3D configurator empowered customers to visualize the final product, making informed decisions and enhancing their overall satisfaction, reducing returns.

The implementation of Expivi’s solution streamlined Buster & Punch’s ordering processes. The 3D configurator generated accurate bills of materials, ensuring that every custom order could be processed efficiently. This automation reduced manual errors, minimized production delays, and improved overall operational efficiency for Buster & Punch.

increase revenue configurator
Increased conversion and up-sell

The configurator allows to customize and present products in a better way. This pushed the conversion rate and up-sell.

improved experience configurator
Customer experience

With the new visualization all customers now understand what they are buying. This improves the customer experience

increase cross-sell configurator
Increased cross-sell

The configurator inclused other products in the flow, resulting in more cross-sell orders.

Matt Goodwin, Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

"Expivi’s attention to detail, communication style + quality of delivery make them a great partner for any Ecommerce business. We have used them across a number of projects at Buster + Punch and some of our bestselling products utilise the Expivi configurator - so would definitely recommend!"

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