De Bommel: customize your own TV unit

De Bommel Meubelen, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a renowned furniture company known for its superior and customizable furniture. Crafted with a strong emphasis on quality, De Bommel’s furniture is built to withstand the test of time. Their exquisite products are conveniently accessible through their webshop and are distributed throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

With a dedicated workforce of approximately 200 individuals, this leading furniture brand is committed to delivering the finest craftsmanship and continuous growth within these two countries.


Customize your complete TV unit with ease

After the successful implementation of the dining table configurator, De Bommel Meubelen aimed to launch their new series of TV units. It was difficult to showcase all product variations with photography or rendering. Therefore De Bommel wants to create a user-friendly experience for the buyer journey of this product as well with the 3D configurator.


Thousands of variations to customize your unique TV unit

After working out every combination possibility with De Bommel Meubelen, they were able to launch the TV Wardrobe configurator in Expivi. From the beginning of offering this new series, customers could immediately customize their TV Wardrobe in an intuïtive and innovative way. All options, such as length, type of module, wood textures, and colors can be easily selected and immediately displayed in the 3D configurator. Additionally, with measurement lines next to the 3D models, customers are fully aware of the product or room dimensions, ensuring that no mistakes are made during the order process.


A perfect balance between on- and offline experience

The first configurator with Dining tables yielded remarkable outcomes. One of the results was their ability to catch up with and even surpass the competitive field of selling dining tables online. Because of these positive results, De Bommel Meubelen was confident about scaling up more products into the configurator. 

Again, De Bommel offered their customers a balance between the online and offline experience and was able to maintain their innovative omnichannel strategy with Expivi’s 3D configurator. Due to the implementation, De Bommel’s customers are more satisfied and confident in buying TV units online due to the What You See is What You Get effect. Additionally, the 3D configurator led to a higher average order value than their previous TV wardrobe series because upselling became much easier with the 3D configurator.

improved experience configurator
Improved customer satisfaction

De Bommel Meubelen effectively communicates complex product details to customers, enhancing their understanding.

omnichannel expivi
Streamline online and offline approach

The omni-channel approach enables seamless presentation of all possibilities in physical showrooms.

real time pricing expivi
Scalable solution

Configurator allows for easy scalability and creation of new concepts, facilitating expansion across multiple website domains.

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