Eduard: increased sales by 150% in 3 consecutive years

For over 20 years Eduard has been developing and producing the most reliable trailers in the business providing trailer solutions to their customers. Standing still is regressing, according to owner Eduard. Which is why their company spent a lot of resources on product development and today is able to offer over 10.000 trailer variations, all built modularly in optimized production lines using top-quality materials.

kipper trailer expivi configuration


A physical catalogue?

The huge amount of variations presented a problem: how would they be able to explain all the possible variations to their dealers and customers without the need for a huge catalog and intensive training?

Normal photography and standard 3D rendering wouldn’t bring the solution as there were too many variations to explain. The perfect solution: a powerful 3D configurator including real-time visualization and price calculation, showcasing all possible options including product logic.


Configure-Price-Quote: automate from start to end

The 3D visual product configurator is built on the software of Expivi, providing end customers and dealers an intuitive and fast way to navigate, configure and personalize their desired trailer.

No need for thousands of photos clogging the website. No need for a series of meetings to understand the possible product variations. Users can change the size, accessories, total weight, drive-on system and many other features creating their own bespoke trailer, optimized for their needs. Expivi manages the product logic, price calculation and visualization of every possible combination.

configure trailer 3d

100.000 combinations in 1 configurator

This comes with benefits for both business and customer:

  • Eduard created one digital product catalog eliminating the need for traditional methods such as the creation of brochures, catalogs and custom offers for every prospect. This allows Eduard to focus on spending more resources on improvement and extending the dealer network.
  • Customers benefit from a highly optimized user experience in exploring all the possible variations of a trailer, allowing them to find the perfect match for their use without the need of extensive research. The product configurator manages all the business logic and is only showcasing combinations that are possible and can be produced.


3D configurator to speed up the quotation process and generate bill of material

Expivi’s 3D configurator allows Eduard to scale up fast, extending the product range and onboarding new dealers at ease, gaining a stronger position in the market.

The solution allows the company to further optimize their processes and allows them to further reduce errors and returns. In 2022 Eduard opened a new production, ten times the size of the previous facility to allow further growth.

In the first three years, Eduard reported a growth of 150% per year, using the Expivi 3D configurator.

bill of material configurator
real time pricing expivi
Advanced price calculation

The configurator has script engine to calculate the end price with advanced pricing scripts. This saves time for the sales team of Eduard.

complex configuration
Bill of Material

The configurator generates a parts list for production. Every bit and piece is included, up to the amount of screws.

increase customer satisfaction configurator
Reduce errors to 0%

The configurator allows combinations that are possible. This reduces errorrs and impossible combinations to 0%, saving a lot of money on a yearly base.

Eduard Saris, CEO and Founder

“It was a no-brainer to choose to work with Expivi. We have more than 10.000 variations of our product. Expivi’s 3D configurator enabled us to showcase all combinations including underlying business logic and pricing, while giving the customer the power to create their dream trailer. Standing still is going backward and Eduard is in constant motion.”

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