Expandable: Reduce sales cycle with 40%

Expandable is the supplier of high-quality, affordable movable spaces with short delivery times for use in a variety of situations with a strong focus on road shows, product launches and event promotions. The products excel in user-friendliness and customizability, a perfect product for Expivi’s 3D configurator.

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trailer pod quote configurator


How to visualize every possible combination in the product range?

With every Expandable trailer being highly customizable they faced a challenge: how could they accurately showcase the many different configurations of their products including visual feedback and pricing to customers while also ensuring efficient production?

Traditional photography and 2D renderings weren’t sufficient for showcasing the range of possibilities for their products. That’s where Expivi’s 3D configurator came in.


3D configurator to speed up the quotation process and generate bill of material

By working with Expivi, Expandable was able to offer customers an intuitive way to view, configure, and personalize their desired product, both the interior and exterior.

Customers can easily adjust the model, add or remove features, and view their trailer or container from every angle. The 3D configurator also automatically generates a complete Bill of Materials for each configured product, allowing a better integration with inventory management and production.

trailer animation 3d configurator


40% shorter sales cycle and more conversion

Using Expivi’s 3D configurator has brought benefits for both Expandable and their customers. Expandable no longer has to go through the time-consuming process of showing each variation of their containers to customers, freeing up their time to focus on other aspects of their business. Meanwhile, customers can easily configure their container to meet their specific needs and visualize the final product in full 3D. The configurator has led to a significant decrease in the time spent on quotations reducing the ordering time with 40%.

The configuratore prepares customers better for the initial sales conversation, which results in a higher and faster conversion of leads. Additionally, the collaboration between Expivi and Expandable Trailers has led to more efficient communication between sales and production teams, reducing misunderstandings and production errors.”

quotation process configurator
Efficient quotation process

By automatically calculating prices and generating quotations for the user, the order time is decreased with 40% because the sales representative is not needed in the beginning.

increase cross-sell configurator
Increased up- & cross-sell

The configurator shows all options and accessories, resulting into a higher average order value with these elements ordered more often.

improved experience configurator
Improved customer experience

The tool resulted in an increased customer experience by implementing an interactive 3D visualization. Customers are now guided from the start with the best experience.

Berry Rieswijk, Director of Sales & Marketing

“Expivi's 3D configurator has reduced ordering time by about 40%. Since Expandable has a complex product, the 3D configurator helps customers quickly get an idea of what suits them best."

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