Hypedome: streamlined sales process with the configurator

How to improve your sales process by automatically generating quotes to save time? Hypedome implemented the configurator to optimize both sales and product processes to increase sales and to save costs.

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Automate quotation process to increase sales

Hypedome, a leading manufacturer of garden domes, was facing challenges in providing an engaging customer experience and streamlining their sales process. Traditional product visualization methods and manual quoting processes were time-consuming and prone to errors.

Consumers were overwhelmed by the amount of options available, not knowing which options matched with their required dome. This resulted in high customer service spends and a slower than needed sales process.


Configure-price-quote to reduce errors

After careful consideration and research, Hypedome decided upon the need for a 3D configurator to allow their customers to build and configure their dome. Requirements for the configurator were an immersive and personalized experience, an easy integration within current systems and CPQ (configure, price, quote) system to optimize sales and order processing.

Expivi, offering a state of the art CPQ platform with 3D configuration, was able to tick all of the boxes.

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Increased sales and loyalty with the new shopping experience

  • Hypedome experienced an improved customer experience as the interactive 3D visualization allowed customers to visualize and customize products accurately, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.
  • The streamlined sales process with automated quoting reduced errors and accelerated the sales cycle, resulting in faster quotes and improved operational efficiency. Lastly, Hypedome’s adoption of Expivi’s on-demand manufacturing approach led to reduced product waste and improved inventory management, ultimately driving savings and environmental sustainability.
improved experience configurator
Improved customer experience

The fully customizable domes improved the customer experience. Start from scratch and create your own, never seen in the business of dome creation.

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Fewer errors, faster quotes

Expivi’s integration with Hypedome’s sales system automated the quoting process, reducing errors and enabling sales representatives to respond quickly to customer inquiries, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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On-demand manufacturing

Expivi’s on-demand manufacturing capabilities allowed Hypedome to produce products only when they were ordered, minimizing excess inventory and waste, leading to cost savings and a more sustainable business model.

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