Lecot: manufacturing on demand, from order to delivery in 5 days.

Find out how Lecot implemented a unique 3D configure, price, quote solution for made-to-measure Hettich drawers and optimized the flow of ordering and processing these orders.

As a family-run business, Lecot swears by long-term relationships and has the goal of being the most reliable partner to their customers. With over 700 employees and 70+ locations they are a strong partner for their clients who value Lecot for their way of working.

High quality products, clear agreements and the team will do everything possible to keep a promise. Lecot is the strong link for all those active in the construction industry.

lecot drawer configurator pricing


Unlimited options, high demand and a tight timeframe

Lecot offers a broad range of Hettich drawer systems, which are produced to the exact requirements of customers allowing bespoke sizes. If you can think of it, Lecot, together with Hettich, can create it.

The customer orders according to their requirements and Lecot will produce high-quality made to order drawers, no matter how big, long or deep, quality products with fast service without fuss.. But how can this be managed and presented?


Fully integrated CPQ system with an 3D configurator

Together with Lecot and their Magento partner Vaimo, Expivi developed an easy-to-use but advanced product configurator, integrated into their Magento 2 environment. Users need to be logged in to access the configurator, this also allows Lecot to show customer specific pricing and the saving of product configurations and repeat orders.

With just a few clicks customers create a bespoke drawer, including real-time visual 3D feedback, they can freely enter the dimensions for width and depth, select color and choose between various parts like sliders and grips. The configurator shows price updates in real-time and the business logic within the configurator will guide the customer preventing combinations that cannot be produced.

When the customer is finished they can place an order. Expivi communicates the Bill of Material including partnumbers (SKU’s). The order is further processed in Magento and the production information is pushed to the ERP system. Lecot produces the drawers and delivers the end products to the desired address within just 5 working days! 

lecot drawer configurator


Future proof order- and manufacturing process

Since using Expivi’s platform, Lecot sees higher customer satisfaction and retention rates, with a high amount of returning customers the smooth and effective flow in the configurator creates very happy customers. They have successfully shortened their ordering and production cycle, accelerating it from weeks to merely 5 days. The new solution reduces the pressure on the back office as there is no more need for consulting and validating orders, this saves Lecot back office team many hours a week and eliminates human errors in the process of orders

animation configurator
Opmized order process

Dealers can log in, configurare products, calculate prices and place orders. All of this happens fully automated and without manual input from Lecot.

design your own configure
3D visualisation

3D visualization of the drawer at each configuration step: users can visually see what they are ordering, increasing conversion and reducing errors.

high order value configurator

Pricing is immediately visible, including custom price agreements between the customers and Lecot.

Thomas de Ganck, Ecommerce & Digital Manager

"At Lecot we strongly believe in unburdening our customers (installers, building & construction professionals). Solutions like Expivi’s 3D product configurator perfectly fit with that vision and helps us in realising our ambitions & customer-centric philosophy. We want to offer our clients the (online) tools tailored to their needs. And in such way we want to help them focus on - and realise the projects at their clients. If at the same time, by offering such tools, we increase satisfaction & retention as well as build a closer and true partnership with our customers an suppliers. Than we could say ‘mission accomplished’ and call it a win-win-win."

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