LoyalBrand - Herman Miller: bespoke office furniture in a 3D configurator

LoyalBrand is an official distributor and dealer of Herman Miller products. What sets LoyalBrand apart is that they are always looking for unique and innovative ways to improve the online shopping experience.


The best customer experience possible

In e-commerce, it’s difficult to stand out. If you can’t compete on price, you do it with service, quality, and craftsmanship. LoyalBrand aims to deliver the best quality and therefore looked for ways to improve product information and customer experience. In search for improving their webshop and product information, a 3D viewer and configurator came across.

Setting up the Herman Miller chairs in a 3D environment ensures the best product information possible. Also the chairs are placed in a theatrical way in the viewer, impersonating them.


Visualize every option possible

By implementing the 3D configuration platform of Expivi, LoyalBrand made it possible for her customers to fully configure every product to their requirements. Customers are able to visualize all possible options of the chairs and view them in 360 degrees to make informed decisions.
Consumers can also view the important features of the chairs and understand every detail as they can freely zoom in and out. All this greatly improved the online shopping experience.


40% growth in sales for three consecutive years

The collaboration between LoyalBrand and Expivi led to impressive results. For the past three consecutive years there has been a 40% growth in total sales. The interactive 3D visualizations increased consumer engagement which led to improved overall customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Second, the animations that have been added provide clarity of the various seat mechanisms. Customers gain increased knowledge of the products and functionalities at a glance. This has given LoyalBrand a competitive advantage.

As customers are now able to configure their own products the average order values have increased by 20%. Due to the visualizations of each option, consumers immediately know what the product looks like with each option chosen. This makes people more likely to trust and feel emotionally attached to the bespoke chair.

increase customer satisfaction configurator
Improved customer experience

The 3D configurator ensures that customers have the best experience possible, showing the right product information.

omnichannel expivi

The configurator shows the same product information offline and online.

increase cross-sell configurator
Increase up-sell and cross-sell

Customers are able to select options and accessories in the 3D configurator, increasing the average order value.

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