Miloo: personalize e-bikes with realistic 3D rendering

Miloo is a Swiss company that designs and manufactures e-bikes. In addition to e-bikes, Miloo is all about the many accessories they offer. These are hugely important because they do not offer just any bike to consumers. The e-bikes and accessories are designed to ensure that you can carry enough gear and put the bikes anywhere because of the security options Miloo offers. This is very important to create as much convenience as possible for the consumers and to replace the car in daily life.


Display options properly to inform customers better

The e-bikes and accessories were difficult to visualize on Miloo’s website. This caused many questions about how accessories would look on the bike and what all possible options were. Because of this, Miloo needed a visualization solution so that all options could be properly displayed. By showing the right product information, consumers would have fewer questions or uncertainties, lowering the pressure on customer service. This could potentially save costs and increase revenue.


User-friendly interface to stimulate conversion

Expivi’s advanced 3D configurator provided the perfect solution for Miloo’s requirements and needs. By integrating the 3D configurator, Miloo enabled its customers to design and customize their own e-bike using an interactive and user-friendly interface.

Expivi’s e-bike configurator offers other elements: frame types, tires, materials, colors and accessories. It allows customers to visualize their own bike with options directly in real time, providing an accurate representation of the final product. Also, with each option chosen, people are informed of the product price so they are not surprised by the pricing of the bike later in the sales process.


Full automation of purchasing prospects and reduce errors

The collaboration between Miloo and Expivi has yielded valuable results.The efficiency of quotation generation has been significantly improved and accelerated by the full automation of the purchasing process. This has resulted in more quote requests and higher conversion rates.

In addition to improvements, there are also reductions, obviously in the positive sense. For example, due to the automation within Expivi, manual errors are no longer made in the quotation process by both customers and Miloo itself, as the entire catalog including prices are registered in Expivi.

quotation process configurator
Improved quotation process

Increase efficiency in the quotation process with the design tool to speed up the sales cycle.

more traffic configurator
Improved customer experience

Stand out from the competition with this tool to get more sales requests.

commercial partner expivi
Sales tool

A tool for salespeople to show all combinations to the customer.

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