Personalized Sportswear for Robey Sportswear: NEC Fanshop

Robey Sportswear is a sportswear manufacturer based in the Netherlands that specializes in producing high-quality athletic apparel for various sports. With a legacy spanning decades, they have a wide range of sports garments tailored to athletes’ needs. Robey operates on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform and serves both individual customers through their webshop and professional sport clubs through customized dealer portals or “teamshops” as they call it.


Personalized shopping experience for customers and B2B clients

Robey Sportswear faced a challenge in delivering personalized shopping experiences for their direct customers and B2B clients. They were in need of a solution that would enable customers to personalize their sportswear products with ease and without manual input from Robey’s design department. On top of that, the same solution needed to be integrated within the different teamshops marketplaces that Robey manages for professional football clubs.


Salesforce solution with teamshop portals

Robey Sportswear adopted Expivi’s 3D Configurator, a powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Here’s how it works:

  • Personalization for End Users: Robey’s individual customers can access the online store and use the 3D Configurator to personalize their sportswear. They can choose the type of sportswear, select colors, add logos, and even input their name or team name. The 3D Configurator provides a real-time visual representation of the customized product, allowing customers to see exactly how their selections will appear.
  • Teamshop Portals for B2B Clients: For sport clubs, Robey Sportswear provides customized shops built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. These portals are designed to match the styling of the club. At the same time, customers place orders directly with Robey to streamline the ordering process.
  • Real-time Pricing and Quoting: The 3D Configurator is connected to Robey’s pricing and SKU buildup in salesforce, ensuring that customers receive accurate pricing information based on their customizations.


A perfect balance between on- and offline experience

The adoption of Expivi’s 3D Configurator brought several significant benefits to Robey Sportswear:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Individual customers enjoy a personalized shopping experience, creating sportswear that matches their preferences and style.
  • Scaleable teamshops: The teamshops streamline B2B sales, making it easier for Robey to provide dealers and sport clubs with personalized webshops.
  • Reduced Errors: Real-time pricing and quoting reduce errors in order processing, leading to smoother transactions and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Sales: The interactive and visually engaging 3D Configurator has led to increased sales as customers are more confident in their purchases.
quotation process configurator
Improved sales

Customers perceive the right product information and experience resulting in an increase in sales.

omnichannel expivi
Improved customer experience

Allowing everyone to design a match kit themselves, enhances the customer experience.

increase customer satisfaction configurator

Robey is able to provide clubs with a personalization tool. This generic setup allows to scale easily.

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