SIGG: Customize bottles in 3D with print-ready files for production

SIGG is a renowned Swiss manufacturer of high quality aluminum products. The company was founded in 1908 producing various products including pots, pans and bed bottles.

Today SIGG produces and sells a broad range of drinkware products through various online and offline channels across the globe. The company strives to provide an engaging, personalized and eco-friendly experience to her customers.


Showcase full potential of customization and designing bottles

SIGG recognized the limitations of traditional shopping experiences in showcasing the full range of bottle designs and customization options they can offer. Personalization is a major trend in retail, but how could SIGG offer her customers an experience that allows them to design their own bespoke products online without the need for aid from the SIGG team.


Design to print solution in 3D

To address this challenge, SIGG partnered with Expivi and implemented the Expivi Print and Design module. With Expivi’s technology, SIGG can now provide customers with a dynamic and intuitive shopping experience. Shoppers have the freedom to design and personalize the products online and can freely upload images and text elements. They can visualize the customized products in 3D making an informed buying decision.


A perfect balance between on- and offline experience

This personalized approach to shopping fosters a deeper sense of connection and ownership among customers. By allowing them to design the artwork for their own bottles, SIGG cultivates stronger engagement and loyalty, as customers feel a personal attachment to their customized products.

Through their collaboration with Expivi, SIGG has successfully transformed the shopping experience for their customers. By offering personalized and sustainable bottles that align with individual preferences and values, SIGG not only enhances customer satisfaction and brand loyalty but also solidifies their position as a leader in the reusable drinkware industry.

increase cross-sell configurator
Increase up-sell & conversion

The 3D design configurator stimulates up-sell and conversion by tempting customers to choose more expensive options.

design your own configure
Improved customer experience

Let customers design their bespoke SIGG product and allows them to create something beautiful and unique.

ready to print design
Print-ready files

Automation of the printing process with print-ready files. No human interaction needed.

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