Tiger Sheds transforms garden shed shopping with the TigerFlex 3D Configurator

Tiger Sheds, with a rich heritage dating back to 1913, originated as a timber mill in North West Leeds. Their journey of innovation has led to the creation of remarkable designs, including the TigerFlex® range of sheds. Committed to quality materials and seasoned British craftsmanship, they proudly offer the market-leading Tiger 20-Year Guarantee.


Bundle all static product pages in one product selector

Before the implementation of the TigerFlex® 3D Configurator, Tiger Sheds faced challenges in providing customers with a streamlined garden shed shopping experience.

Their website featured a multitude of static product pages, each showcasing different shed variants, causing confusion and uncertainty among customers. The overwhelming amount of product variants made it difficult for customers to make informed decisions.


Simplified customization process with an intuitive interface

Tiger Sheds initiated a transformative journey by integrating the TigerFlex® 3D Configurator into their custom ecommerce platform. This innovative solution empowered customers to interact with a lifelike 3D representation of garden sheds, allowing them to freely configure the shed, placing doors, windows and panels as they envisioned.

The configurator simplified the customization process, providing an intuitive, single interface for users


Fast and real-time decision-making

The implementation of the TigerFlex® 3D Configurator has yielded impressive results. It offers perfect visualization of options, eliminating customer hesitation, enhancing user engagement. The order process became exceptionally fast, enabling real-time decision-making, reducing cart abandonment rates, and improving the overall user experience leading to a considerable boost in Tiger Sheds’ revenue.

Tiger Sheds’ journey with the TigerFlex® 3D Configurator exemplifies how advanced technology can simplify and enhance the ecommerce experience, delivering superior customer satisfaction, increased order values, and a streamlined shopping process. Visit their website at Tiger Sheds to explore the benefits of the TigerFlex® Configurator and discover your perfect garden space.

quotation process configurator
Improved quotation process

Tiger Sheds is now able to fulfill orders automatically with the 3D configurator, saving time and money for customer service.

omnichannel expivi
Improved customer experience

The interactive 3D visualization increases the customer experience by showing realistic renders and options.

real time pricing expivi
Increase up-sell and cross-sell

Customers are able to select options and accessories in the 3D configurator, increasing the average order value.

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