Vandentop Tuinhout enhances customer experience with garden gate configurator

Van den Top Tuinhout is a renowned provider of a wide range of garden products, including gates, fences, wood, and decking. Their love for their products and commitment to sustainability and the use of certified wood, which they import themselves, sets them apart in the industry.


Complexity of products in the catalogue without visual reference

Prior to integrating the garden gate Configurator, van den Top faced a challenge that many in the industry encountered. Customers were often overwhelmed by the complexity of configuring bespoke wooden garden gates.

The process involved numerous choices related to wood types, colors for the frame, and gate size, causing confusion and uncertainty. This often led to prolonged decision-making, resulting in abandoned orders and questions to the support team of van den Top.


Intuitive configurator with options and accessories in one viewer

Van den Top Tuinhout implemented the Garden gate Configurator, a 3D product configurator integrated into their Magento ecommerce platform. This innovative solution simplified the customization process.

Customers can now easily calculate the materials required and determine the ideal gate size and configuration. They can visualize the impact of their choices in real-time, providing a clear and interactive representation of their customized garden gate. It enables customers to choose from various wood types and frame colors, guiding them through the configuration process effortlessly.


Increase in average order value by up-selling

The implementation of the Gardengate Configurator has been transformational for Van den Top Tuinhout and its customers. The perfect visualization of options eliminates customer hesitation and confusion. Customers now have a clear understanding of how to configure their garden gate, which has led to faster order processing.

The configurator has not only improved the overall user experience but has also increased order values. Customers are now more confident in their choices, often opting for additional features.

more traffic configurator
Unique tool

Unique selection tool for products, options and accessories.

omnichannel expivi
Improved customer experience

Customers are now able to configure a product and place the order without help of an employee.

real time pricing expivi
Increase up-sell and cross-sell

Customers are able to select options and accessories in the 3D configurator, increasing the average order value.

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