What is design-to-print?

Design-to-print is Expivi's newest feature. With our design-to-print software, users can design products in 3D using a 3D configurator and immediately prepare them for printing, without any manual intervention. This is an enormous time-saver that eliminates errors that can occur during the conversion of designs to 2D print files. There's no need for time-consuming actions in programs like Photoshop or InDesign!

The advantages of design-to-print

Design-to-print software offers companies many possibilities when it comes to product personalization. Designs (in 3D) are in fact immediately ready for the printer, without human intervention.

1. Ready to print: saving time in the printing and production process

Expivi eliminates the need for manual operations by converting complex 3D design files into print-ready 2D files that are customized to your specific production and printing processes, thereby preventing errors.

2. Complete back office, from payment to production

Expivi integrates with all your systems and automates the entire order process from payment to print job production, resulting in immediate order processing. This enhances efficiency and reduces the turnaround time for requests of personalized products.

3. Perfect customer experience thanks to product customization

Provide an unprecedented customer experience by personalizing products in detail in 3D. Obviously within the possibilities and requirements of the specific product.  

Composable software: all Expivi solutions are modular

  • The different solutions (3D, AR, CPQ and design-to-print) are modular and can be implemented individually or as a complete solution.
  • Expvi integrates with all systems (software) including its own CMS, ERP and PIM systems.
  • The omnichannel solutions are for retailers and manufacturers, making the store floor and resellers an extension of the webshop.