Speed to market

By reducing the back and forth prototype process, companies can reduce their development cycles by months

Speed to Market timeline


Protect against disruption

The US & Europe rely on China and other Asian nations for much of their products and raw materials. Sourcing can be easily disrupted due to supply chain challenges. 

Mitigate your risk with digital material and texture applications on 3D product files. Build 3D product files as a backup to prototypes, or use as visual prototypes to narrow down product range before final sampling.

Cost savings​

We have worked with companies that have saved significant money in prototype, airfreight and sales sample costs. Some have reduced overall costs by 50%. 

Also, with customization feature, brands have begun to adjust their business models from 100% pre-built inventory to a modified make-to-order + core inventory model.

Reduction of prototype costs
Reduction of sales samples
Reduction of airfreight costs
months of time saved

Process improvement

Thru visual prototyping, brands can make decisions quicker. Leaders are evolving to match today’s digitization and e-commerce business models. 

Instead of 18 month development cycles aimed at wholesalers, strong brands are closer to their consumer with new products.

Number 1
Create 3D models of your products

Number 2
Upload and setup in Expivi
Visualize products on platform

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