3D Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

3D viewer

Zoom, rotate, see products from every possible angle, in high quality and best performance on desktop and mobile.

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View products in AR using the same setup. Immersive experience is just one step away when using Expivi.

Real-time 3D configuration that allows millions of variations with real-time price calculation.

Expivi provides a complete webshop system on top of integrations for existing ecommerce solutions.

Expivi platform

3D Scene editor

Create amazing looking products right inside your browser. Full fledged scene editor to setup lighting, cameras, tweak materials and much more.

Create your own 3D library with the best visuals. Make use of many material systems such as PBR and glass shaders.

Writing business rules is as simple as drawing diagrams, allowing to create every rule without writing a single line of code.

Draw your product’s decision tree and Expivi will automatically generate all of the variations for you.

Grow your business with automation

Bill Of Materials

Expivi generates a detailed article list from every configured product that allows order automation using ERP integration.

Built on highly reliable and global content delivery network (CDN) to assure the best performance and availability for your customers.

Advanced real-time pricing system that can work with a product’s Bill of Materials (BOM).

Expivi’s analytic tools provide in-depth insights of the sales cycle and customer behavior.