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Around 75% of retailers consider it important to deliver a fun, contextual, and personalized customer Experience …but only 10% are able to do so. [2021 SAP Performance benchmark] You can help these retailers and many more businesses with your 3D models and Expivi’s platform. Take advantage of the best-in-class 3D configuration and AR e-commerce tool. The Expivi partner program is for 3D companies looking to expand their offerings and build expertise with our platform. Please explore our partner program, and get in touch with us. We’re waiting for you. Not a 3D company but interested in partnering with Expivi as a configuration, integration, or reseller partner? You’re more than welcome to reach out too.

Why become an Expivi partner?

  • Expose your (potential) clients to the latest innovations in 3D configuration and AR by showcasing a 3D configurator on your website. You can choose an Expivi demo product from our library or show your own 3D models.
  • Expivi’s platform is cloud-based and available with monthly/yearly subscriptions for all businesses. We provide separate licenses for our partners to suit their needs. From demo-only to full integration licenses.
  • You only need to set up the products once and you can use the same data across all of your (client’s) channels. Expivi provides an extensive API and plug & play extensions for easy integration into existing e-commerce and ERP solutions.
  • Expivi’s visual rules designer allows you to create and define complex business rules for products without a single line of code. The flowchart-based drag & drop system works intuitively.
  • Referral program in place with high-value kickback fees.
  • Selected partners can become full resellers of Expivi licenses with shared revenue to make this a win-win-win partnership.
  • Expivi’s in-house expertise and constant R&D investment ensure the company’s leadership for the foreseeable future.
  • Expivi is the most mature 3D Configurator and AR SaaS platform. Our clients love how flexible and adjustable our platform is without the need for code. Our extensive knowledge base is there for you, and so is our partner success team.
What are our partnership requirements? 

  • Being able to create your own 3D models up to Expivi’s standards.
  • Willing to invest resources in becoming a licensed Expivi partner.
  • Follow Expivi’s back-end training and stay up to date with our releases and added features. 

Join us now and let's grow together with the leading 3D configurator from Expivi.

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