How to integrate Expivi into your Magento website?

1. Create an account on Expivi’s platform and purchase Expivi’s plugin for Magento

First, to have a Magento product configurator with Expivi, you need to create an account here. Choose your desired plan and follow the steps.

After creating your account, you need to acquire the Magento plugin at the Magento Marketplace. After that, you’ll have to install it.

So far so good? Great. Next step.  

2. Configure

This is where you generate your API key and create an access token. You can see how to do it in detail in our knowledge base.  

3. Get your products into the platform

Connect your products to Expivi to finalize the Magento product configurator.


4. Additional features

After completing the previous steps you can then go through details such as allowing your clients to use custom fonts and image uploading.  

Prominent did it

Prominent is the perfect embodiment of comfort. With over 200 different materials and colors as well as numerous options for finishings, Prominent offers its customers an extensive choice. However, it can be difficult for customers to oversee the various options and imagine the combinations. The use of a Magento configurator was the ideal solution.

After creating the 3D models by scanning the physical products in the showroom, the integration was complete and their Magento product customizer was up and running.

Now, customers can experience a creative journey where they have a 360-degree view of the product while they design their ideal chair by playing with colors, fabric, and accessories. All from the comfort of their homes and with real-time pricing.

Know how they did it