SAP CPQ integration to redefine eCommerce

Expivi's SAP configurator integration allows companies to create fully-immersive, interactive 360-degree virtual experiences, where shoppers personalize and configure their orders while viewing real-time pricing.

Simultaneously, manufacturers have access to the materials needed to make the product.

It’s the ultimate CPQ Software (Configure, Price, Quote).  

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Seamless integration

Expivi’s SAP configurator blends customization, interactivity, and engagement into one simple tool that integrates into three SAP products.

SAP Commerce Cloud (the "front-end" of your eCommerce website)
SAP ERP (the "back-end")
SAP CPQ (the B2B CPQ platform)

No huss, no fuss. 

Integration “for dummies” with modular API

Implementing a fully-integrated 3D eCommerce system with SAP products can be difficult. SAP’s complex environment typically means that online businesses have to incur high development costs to build a custom 3D eCommerce system.

This is why Expivi designed an API-based solution to easily integrate our 3D eCommerce platform with SAP. This means our smooth integration with SAP offers countless customizations and configurations, allowing companies to seamlessly add 3D eCommerce technology to their websites while keeping their existing SAP configuration.

This component-based approach allows native integrations on systems where developers integrate each component separately.     

Not just about a 3D configuration platform

It’s also about Augmented Reality. The SAP product configurator automatically transfers product configurations to a WebAR platform, providing consumers with real-time insights into what their products really look like in their own environment.

It’s also about analytics. With Expivi's SAP configurator, you’ll have access to sales analytics for each product and each individual component or feature of that product. It optimizes manufacturing, inventory, and marketing decisions. All in one place.