The ultimate customer experience

Expivi’s SAP Hybris product configurator enables brands and retailers to provide personalization and customization of their products in 3D, creating fully-immersive, interactive 360-degree virtual experiences.

It’s not just about a 3D configurator

It’s also about Augmented Reality. The SAP product configurator automatically transfers product configurations to a WebAR platform, providing consumers with real-time insights into what their products really look like in their own environment.

It’s also about analytics. With Expivi's SAP configurator, you’ll have access to sales analytics for each product and each individual component or feature of that product. It optimizes manufacturing, inventory, and marketing decisions. All in one place.  

Modular API for seamless integration

Expivi was designed as an API-based solution so it could be easily integrated into a 3D eCommerce platform with SAP Hybrid, offering countless customizations and powerful configuration. The modular API allows native integrations in other systems where each component should be integrated separately.

Restful API.

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Expivi simplifies

Expivi’s visual 3D scene editor is meant to make your life simpler. You can use it to setup product representations by just working with drop and drag options.

The configurator works using diagrams to set-up most complex business rules constraints or conditions. Major perk: it requires zero lines of code.

We want you to have the best information you can on the subject so here you can find all about the SAP x Expivi life cycle and the viewer integration.