Easy-going integration

Implementing Expivi into your Shopify site is super easy. You download the plugin, implement it in your backend, and voila you are ready to go! Our Shopify plugin is applicable for multiple different industries


There is nothing better than when your sport equipment looks as good as it feels. Professional goal keepers all over the world want to stand out and if their gloves also stand out from the rest, then all the better. T1tan understands this. Its research and development team develop high-end goalkeeping gloves that offer unbelievable grip, safety and comfort.   


T1tan is a brand with 25 years of experience and a savvy appreciation of its young, demanding, professional clients. Navigation through the website is intuitive and easy. The playful GloveBot makes shopping fun too. The alternative looks and designs are countless and as unique as the player him/herself. Engraving your name on the gloves is possible, as is a different color for each finger. The sky is the limit and demand is high. Yet, seeing the choices from every possible angle just bogs the site down.  

T1tan 3D configurator Expivi

From 2D to Expivi 3D

Expivi’s extension for Shopify will continue to provide crisp clear images of the gloves and all the possible look combinations. In addition, Expivi will provide a seamless, speedy, 360-degree view of the gloves without compromising the customer’s interface experience. What online buyers want is unique e-commerce visuals for a unique pair of T1tan gloves. Expivi’s solid grasp of AR technology is as solid as T1tan’s grasp on a ball swiftly flying across the sky.   


The purchase of a new car is an exciting and thrilling experience. The look of your automobile speaks volumes about you and with DriveDressy the interior of your car says as much too. Driving from point A to B with DriveDressy car seat fabrics is no longer just a journey; it can be a moment to hang out with flamingos, ride rolling blue waves or contemplate the peace and sounds of a tropical rain forest. A new generation of car owners is looking for car accessories and features that go beyond the norm. A website for these buyers should therefore go beyond the norm too.   


DriveDressy offers its clients a selection of beautiful fabrics to transform ordinary car seats into something extraordinary. As such their website must run exceptionally well in order to display the large number of fabric combinations without a glitch. The fabrics are delicately cut and sewn by hand to fit the seats of nineteen different car brands and their respective models. That means thousands of variations. DriveDressy’s website makes use of Shopify’s online platform, but static images do not do justice to the sturdiness and luxuriance of the fabrics or the spectacular look from every angle.    

From 2D to Expivi 3D

With Expivi’s 3D configurator plug-in, customers on Drive Dressy’s website can now select the fabrics they desire and see the effects live as they move from one option to another: pomegranate fronts with solid blue sides, or vice-a-versa. Anything is possible and the price calculator changes accordingly; no wait. Expivi’s 3D Augmented Reality (AR) plug-in allows Drive Dressy to show all its fabrics’ colors and textures stunningly. From top to bottom, from side to side, from near, from far, not one inch of the seat fabric is overlooked. Online shoppers who are unsatisfied with middle of the road seats can be sure to see all the striking possibilities as easily as they can shift gears in the new cars.    

The inside of a new car never smelled… or looked better. With Expivi’s 3D configurator plug-in for Shopify, the online shopper never felt more in the driver’s seat.