How to integrate Expivi into your Shopify website?

1. Create an account on Expivi’s platform and install Expivi’s plugin for Shopify

First, to have a Shopify product configurator with Expivi, you need to create an account here. Choose your desired plan and follow the steps.

After creating your account, you need to install the Shopify plugin here.

So far so good? Great. Next step.

2. Create the access token

For this, you’ll need to go to Expivi’s backend and create an API key. You can learn more about it in our knowledge base.

3. Connect your product on Shopify with the products in Expivi

This will take you longer to accomplish. This is where you build the bridge between both platforms. To know exactly how to do it, visit our step-by-step page.

Important: If you haven’t created your products in your Shopify storefront yet, do that first. The most important part of creating the products is to set the correct “Product type” so that the system can detect if it’s a normal Shopify product (e.g. “Sneaker”) or a Shopify product with Expivi’s 3D configuration (e.g. “Customizable Sneaker”).  

4. Add a custom code to the Shopify template

Integrating Expivi with your Shopify storefront requires some modifications to the theme files of the theme you’re using for your Shopify storefront. If you have no knowledge to do this yourself, please ask a developer to do this for you or contact our team.  

5. Select Fonts

Almost done, if you want the configurator to use certain specific fonts, you’ll have to alter them in the Attributes section and you’re good to go.

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