How to integrate Expivi into your WooCommerce platform?

1. Create an account on Expivi’s platform and install Expivi’s plugin for WooCommerce

First, to have a WooCommerce configurator with Expivi, you need to create an account here. Choose your desired plan and follow the simple steps.

After creating your account, you need to install the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. Just navigate your WordPress admin page and add Expivi.

So far so good? Great. Next step.  

2. Create the access token

For this, you’ll need to go to Expivi’s back office and create an API key. You can learn more about it in our knowledge base.  

3. Make an API connection

For this, you’ll need to go to your WordPress admin page’s setting and follow the instructions in the knowledge base.

4. Connecting the products

This is the cool part where you add the 3D configurator so you can at last have your WordPress product configurator. You can see it step-by-step here.

If you have some difficulties along the way, which is absolutely normal, make sure to contact our team.  

LoyalBrand did it

LoyalBrand has always created beautifully modern and ergonomically designed office chairs who fits within the needs of governments, multinationals, and middle to small scale businesses.

The product was up to the highest standards, incapusltaing their passion and values, but the customer experience could be improved, therefore, they decided to integrate Expivi’s WordPress product configurator. 2D imagery was replaced by 3D configurations with as many variations as possible.

LoyalBrand is eCommerce with a personal touch and that comes from their WooCommerce customizer. The customer is empowered to create the perfect chair according to their requirements and view it as if they were in a store.  

The outcome

After integrating the WordPress product configurator, LoyalBrand had its impressive collection of customizable chairs live.

The result was a new, exciting and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) approach to online shopping for visitors of their webshop. Customers were able to get a 360 degree visualization of chosen chairs with a myriad of customizable options. And as the variations were implemented, the real time price calculator displayed the corresponding price change.

With LoyalBrand’s WooCommerce configurable product, the company remained true to its values, innovating to make life better for their customers.  

We can now give a new, exciting and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) approach to online shopping for our visitors

Loyal Brand - Herman Miller