Expivi Plug and Play: As easy as 1,2,3.

Getting your website up and running with Expivi’s 3D generator is as easy as 1,2,3. This is because Expivi’s plug-ins are straightforward and simple to integrate into your eCommerce platform. Once you have your website up and running, your top priority is to attract clients and keep them engaged with your product. But how can you capture their attention long enough so that they are excited and committed to the purchase?   

Why use Expivi?

  • Increase conversion by enabling personalization and customization by using interactive 3D.
  • Offer Web-Based Augmented Reality (WebAR) providing customer products views in their own environment.
  • Save money through sustainable Supply Chain, producing products to order (DTC).
  • Improve customer engagement and increase the add-to-cart value by 50%. Expivi helps you to bring the in-store shopping experience to your online e-commerce business!

LoyalBrand: limited to 2D

LoyalBrand is an online retailer of beautifully modern and ergonomically designed office chairs catering to governments, multinationals, and middle to small scale businesses. The LoyalBrand team wanted to showcase their office chairs in a way that was visually attractive to online visitors. However, they felt that the standard 2D online view of their chairs was not doing justice to customization potential and appeal of their product. While LoyalBrand’s website incapsulated their values and passion for quality, it did not reflect the company’s commitment to crafting each chair to meet the individual clients’ specific design vision and needs.   

From 2D to Expivi 3D

Transforming the 2D online view of LoyalBrand’s impressive collection into a parade of personalized and aesthetically fashioned seating was only a few steps away. LoyalBrand’s website already allowed for plugins. From their own WordPress admin page, LoyalBrand searched for Expivi and activated the Expivi plugin. Next, LoyalBrand created an API access token. Finally, once the API was connected, Expivi’s 3D product configurator was added to the WooCommerce product pages. Presto. The result was a new, exciting and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) approach to online shopping for visitors of the LoyalBrand webshop. Customers were able to get a 360 degree visualization of their chosen chairs with a myriad of options. And as the options varied, the real time price calculator displayed the corresponding price.   

We can now give a new, exciting and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) approach to online shopping for our visitors

Loyal Brand - Herman Miller

Expivi 3D is for you

The age of catalogues, flat visuals and waiting for a quote are long gone. Today’s tech-savvy online buyers expect their purchases to reflect who they are. Expivi’s 3D configurator gives them a totally immersive shopping experience with hundreds of customization options and price ranges. A simple plug in can turn your webshop into a parade of personalized possibilities for all budgets. Is Expivi’s 3D configurator your next eCommerce solution? It’s as easy as 1,2,3. The Expivi license is available for a trial period or to download. Contact us directly to turn your webshop into an experience your customers will never forget.