Herman Miller LoyalBrand is a webshop that only sells the brand Herman Miller. You have the possibility to order the chairs from stock, but you can also choose to customize a chair, this way you can "design" an office chair any way you like!

The brand Herman Miller

The company Herman Miller was founded in 1905 (back then it was called Star Furniture Co.) in Michigan. Dirk Jan de Pree came to work for the company as a clerk in 1909. he managed to work his was up and became president of the company (renamed as Michigan Star Furniture Co.) in 1919. Him and his father in law, Herman Miller, bought 51% of the company stocks in 1923. That is when the company became "the Herman Miller Furniture Company". The eventual name, Herman Miller Inc. was given in 1960. Dirk Jan de Pree remained president of the company until 1961, he was forced to step down because of illness. His son Hugh de Pree took his position, who in his turn was succeeded by his brother, Max de Pree. Several talented designers contributed to the huge success of Herman Miller. Starting of with only traditional, wooden furniture, followed with modern designs and iconic furniture, such as the Eames Lounge chair.

Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair

Nowadays Herman Miller is known for its classic furniture and new designs for your home. The company also offers solutions for healthcare and the ergonomic office chairs are indispensable in corporate life. Herman Miller is constantly working on new, innovative ways to be able to improve their customers performances. The company finds environment and health very important.

The Story behind Herman Miller LoyalBrand

The name "LoyalBrand" says it all, LoyalBrand is loyal to one brand, namely Herman Miller. Because LoyalBrand only sells the Herman Miller ergonomic office chairs, they are specialized in the brand and the chairs. The dealer wants to be there for the customer from the beginning to end and ensure quality. LoyalBrand is the only Dutch brand that, just like Herman Miller, handles the "Last Mile" quality standard. Both Herman Miller as LoyalBrand has a team of experienced people to offer top qualityl (within every aspect of the project)! LoyalBrand webshop

Customize your own office chair

A unique function the Herman Miller LoyalBrand webshop is offering is the 3D product configurator, with this configurator all customers are able to adjust the office chair to their own liking's.

What did Expivi do for Herman Miller LoyalBrand?

Herman Miller offers a wide selection of options for their office desks (colors, materials, etc.). It is very difficult to show all the possible combinations to customers. Expivi made sure the endless variations and options can be visualized by means of a 3D product configurator. This can be realized with a single 3D model. The Expivi team helped LoyalBrand with improving their 3D models and materials to make the chairs look realistic. Expivi also helped with setting up the complete configuration and pricing (as each part has its own price). Integrating the 3D product configurator in the LoyalBrand webshop (built with WordPress WooCommerce) and small adjustments in theme files to complete the integration was also done by Expivi.

What does the 3D product configurator look like?

Check out the video below to see how customizing an office chair looks like on the webshop: