We had to keep this a secret but I finally can share this exciting news! We had the chance to present Expivi’s case in front of SAP executives and SAP Hybris management in Munich which itself was a unique experience. We are happy to announce that Expivi has been chosen to be part of SAP.iO scale-up program. That means we will be part of the coming 12 weeks’ program in Munich until December. We will work on propositions for SAP’s worldwide clients to empower them with Expivi’s distinctive solution.

The scale up program

SAP:IO helps innovators inside and outside of SAP build products, find customers, and change industries. The SAP.iO Foundries are SAP’s global network of top-tier start-up programs, including accelerators, that enable start-ups to build innovative software that delivers value for SAP customers.

How Expivi got chosen

The first SAP.iO Foundry program in Munich has selected Expivi (among six other) business-to-business technology start-ups creating innovative software that integrates with SAP’s marketing and commerce cloud solutions. The startups in the Munich cohort were selected based on their ability to:


Enhance customer experiences in commerce and marketing.


Apply emerging technologies that unlock enterprise data and drive outsized outcomes.


Acquire customers and show readiness to scale.

Future opportunities and global market

Through this program, Expivi will have access to future opportunities and global market. Expivi will enter into the world’s leading enterprise software company that allows developing products at the intersection of creativity and technology. Obviously, we are very proud and thankful! We are ready to concur the world!