The process

Design phase

Together with Prominent Zitcomfort, the optimal customer journey has been mapped out which serves as the basis for the design of the configurator. This design phase consists of a number of brainstorming sessions.


The 3D models of the chairs are easily created by scanning the physical products in the showroom. The smallest nuances and details of both the shapes and the materials are taken over for a realistic representation of the chair. No aspect is skipped


Based on the various selection steps within the customer journey, the 3D configuration is set on the Expivi platform. If necessary, it can still be changed easily.   

Prominent 3D configurator Expivi

Final result

An unique experience for the customer; the choice of the most popular relax chairs which they can then personalize according to their wishes by selecting a variety of colors, fabrics and accessories that are immediately presentable.

This 3D configurator can be used on desktop, tablet and telephone and helps the consumer in the orientation phase to make a well-considered choice for a seating furniture that suits their living style and also provides optimal seating comfort.   

Prominent 3D configurator Expivi