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Design to print: the solution for direct printing of personalized products

Design-to-print software is a powerful solution that enables users to create designs and print them directly. It allows companies to quickly and efficiently create designs for a wide range of applications, from packaging to apparel.

The software is especially useful for companies that produce printed products on a large scale or offer consumers personalized items. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of design-to-print software and how it can help companies improve their workflow and optimize their printing operations.

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What is design-to-print?

Expivi’s innovative design-to-print is our latest feature. With this advanced software, users can use a 3D configurator to design products and instantaneously prepare them for printing, all without the need for manual intervention. This is an enormous time-saver that eliminates errors that can occur during the conversion of designs to 2D print files. There’s no need for time-consuming actions in programs like Photoshop or InDesign!

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The advantages of design-to-print

Design-to-print software offers companies many possibilities when it comes to product personalization. Designs (in 3D) are in fact immediately ready for the printer, without human intervention.

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Limitless customization

Our Design to Print feature empowers you to unleash your creativity by letting your clients upload layers of their own custom designs, logos, and artwork. This unparalleled level of customization ensures that the final product is a true reflection of their unique brand identity or personal style.

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Real-time visualization

Experience designs coming to life in real-time with our interactive 3D configurator. Rotate, zoom, and explore designs from every angle to get a comprehensive visual understanding of the final product. This immersive experience allows users to make informed design decisions and achieve the desired look and feel.

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Seamless collaboration

Our Design to Print feature enables smooth communication and collaboration, ensuring that your design specifications are accurately translated into the final printed product. With this streamlined process, you can save time and eliminate the risk of miscommunication.

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Print-ready file generation

Once a design is finalized, our 3D configurator generates a print-ready file automatically. This file contains all the necessary specifications, including colors, dimensions, and positioning, ensuring a seamless transition from the virtual design phase to the printing stage. Simply download the print-ready file and send it directly to our trusted printing partners.

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Reduce human error

The task of checking and validating uploaded designs can be not only time-consuming but also susceptible to human errors. Our system holds end users accountable for their final designs, drastically reducing the chance of errors and the associated costs.

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Streamlined order fulfillment

Our Design to Print feature simplifies the order fulfillment process, allowing for efficient and hassle-free printing. By automating the generation of print-ready files and direct communication with printing partners, we ensure a faster turnaround time. Enjoy a seamless and efficient printing experience from start to finish.

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Customize your pen with the 3D configurator

Matthias Leibitz, CEO & Co-Founder of T1tan

“With such a personalized product, you’re able to create more loyalty with your consumers because they receive something special straight from your brand. Every product that is being sold is made to order eliminating the need for stock."

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Frequently asked questions about Expivi's design-to-print-software:

What file formats are supported for uploading custom designs?

Our Design to Print feature supports a wide range of file formats, including commonly used formats such as JPEG, AI, PNG, SVG, and PDF. This allows users to upload their designs in the format that works best for them.

How can I ensure the accuracy of the design before it is printed?

Our Design to Print feature includes a design verification step to ensure accuracy. Before generating the print-ready file, our system performs a comprehensive check to validate the dimensions, colors, and other design elements. This helps minimize the risk of errors and ensures that the final printed product matches your intended design.

Can I set rules and limitations on the available options?

Yes, our Design to Print feature offers flexibility in printing options. You can make sure that the right file sizes and formats are being uploaded, give users strict rules and design canvasses on the final product and make sure that uploaded texts are within your company’s guidelines.

These frequently asked questions provide insights into how our Design to Print feature works, file format support, visual preview capabilities, design accuracy verification, and printing options. If you have any further questions or require additional information, our support team is always available to assist you.

Composable software: all Expivi solutions are modular

  • The different solutions (3D, AR, CPQ and design-to-print) are modular and can be implemented individually or as a complete solution.
  • Expvi integrates with all systems (software) including its own CMS, ERP and PIM systems.
  • The omnichannel solutions are for retailers and manufacturers, making the store floor and resellers an extension of the webshop.