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Revolutionize your customer experience with guided selling

Are you struggling to effectively guide your customers through the purchasing process on your eCommerce platform? Do you find it challenging to provide personalized recommendations and assistance to help them make informed decisions? Without a streamlined and user-friendly solution, you may be missing out on valuable sales opportunities and frustrating potential customers.

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What is guided selling?

Guided selling allows your customer to put together his or her own product, according to the configuration rules you set up. Thanks to these configuration rules, you can be sure that the quoted product can always be delivered. By implementing this, you can effortlessly guide your customers through the complex purchase process.

Expivi’s interactive feature simplifies product customization and configuration, helping customers visualize their options in real-time. With an intuitive step-by-step interface, customers can easily navigate through various choices, ensuring they find the perfect product that meets their specific needs.

Guided selling using our CPQ software

The combination of guided selling and CPQ software lends itself perfectly. Our software makes the guided selling process clear, concrete and ultimately helps your customer make a good choice with what works best for the desired situation.

In fact, with Expivi’s CPQ solution, we take into account all the key factors that affect product pricing. In this, we go a step further by offering product visualization and complex pricing capabilities. For instance, we use real-time pricing to quickly generate accurate quotations. Because Expivi integrates with all systems, orders are immediately visible in your CMS or ERP system.

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Eduard Saris, Founder & CEO

“It was a no-brainer to choose to work with Expivi. We have more than 10.000 variations of our product. Expivi’s 3D configurator enabled us to showcase all combinations while giving the customer the power to create their dream trailer.”

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Frequently asked questions about Guided Selling

How do I get 3D models for my products?

Don’t worry, we have an inhouse team that can get your product in 3D in no time. We can also help you to get in touch with one of our many partners that specializes in this area.

How many options can I add in my product?

As many as you’d like. However one of our experts will guide you through building the most user friendly possible configurator for your clients.

Can I use Expivi on multiple sales channels?

Yes, you can integrate Expivi on multiple domains, even your dealers might benefit from an extra integration into their website.