The future of e-commerce with Augmented Reality

A new way of showcasing and selling your products by using 3D and Augmented Reality! With the WebAR support of the Expivi 3D E-commerce platform, you can offer a complete new customer experience to your customers.

Customers can customize your products, view them from every possible angle and with just a single click they can view the product in a targeted environment, like in their own setting.

"Will this couch fit in our living room?"

"Will this color of the bed go with our bedroom interior?"

"What does this car look like from the inside?"

All questions answered for making a much better purchase decision, increasing sales by at least 200% and reducing return rates in the process

Augmented Reality becomes new standard for e-commerce

"NexTech AR solutions recently reported that its campaign for Miele Vaccum saw a conversion boost of 200 percent over non-AR equivalents. AR was provided as a call to action in half of the A-B tested sample of 200,000 impressions."


Expivi's WebAR

  • Offer an unique customer experience for your customers, so they can make better buying decisions, boosting your sales and reduce returns
  • Customers can view your products in their own setting
  • All customizations and personalization are visible in real-time
  • No app needed, works within the browser on any mobile device
  • No extra work needed to your existing 3D models on the Expivi platform. It's already there!