Make shopping personal with 3D e-commerce

The Expivi platform empowers your company to increase online sales. The platform is much more than a 3D product configurator, we are a service dedicated to helping your business grow and we do this by implementing the following:

Setup once, use across multiple channels

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, you only need to setup your products once and you can use the same data across all of your channels. Expivi provides an extensive API and plug & play extensions for easy integration into your existing e-commmerce and ERP solutions. 

One solution to:

-Plug&play on your existing e-commerce solution
-Greatly improve and shorten B2B processes
-Enable your retailers to use and sell more, with just one and the same source                                                       

Junglegym configurator

With the help of Expivi we were able to up our sales with 10%

Augmented reality for immersive experience

Integrating augmented reality enriches your customers online experience and shortens the path to purchase. As a result you will see a higher conversion rate and happier customers. You will have the power to personalize products on desktop and mobile and your customers can view the results instantly from anywhere in the world.

Automate the complete process from configuration to order

With every order a complete Bill of Materials is generated for each product. A list of all of the raw materials, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture a product is produced. This allows you to automate the sales, inventory and production of your products, and eliminates the need to create large inventories as production can be made to order. With our extensive modular API, integrating into your ERP solution is just one step away.

3D CPQ that scales

Thanks to our highly reliable and global content delivery network (CDN), we assure the best performance and availability for your customers. Expivi’s network scales automatically with your needs as your business keeps growing. Expivi is able to build detailed article lists that can be communicated with ERP systems for component based price calculations, manufacturing and inventory in real-time.

By using AR your sales will increase by 12%

Bill of materials

Our innovative technology has combined the power of cloud technology with web browsers. This way we are able to provide a scalable solution that works with any kind of product. Products can consist out of thousands of parts setup in the cloud and customer options are built in real-time right inside the browser.

Visual rule designer

Creating complex business rules with ease and without writing a single line of code Expivi’s visual rules designer allows you to create and define complex business rules for your products without a single line of code, allowing people who are not tech-savvy create business rules without effort. The flowchart based drag & drop system allows you to define rules by literally drawing flowcharts to define the flow of your business rules. Once the business rules are defined in the flowchart, the Expivi 3D product configurator will follow these rules.

Automated order processing to reduce errors to zero

With every sales order a complete Bill of Materials is generated for each product. A Bill of Materials (BOM or associated list) is a list of all the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product (source: Wikipedia). Thanks to the ERP system integration, the complete Bill of Materials could be sent to either your back office or your manufacturer automatically without any human involvement.

Digital prototyping

Expivi is working with brands to create 3D digital prototypes, ensuring on-time development schedules, effective merchandising meetings and enhanced customer engagement