Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a webshop plugin?

Yes. Expivi provides native plugins for Magento 2.0, WooCommerce, Shopify and Lightspeed and more are on their way! Alternatively you can write your own plugin for a third party system.

What type of configurations can I make?

Any product you want. The standardized workflow of Expivi allows any type 3D model to be configurated in real-time. Whether your 3D model is a pen, a couch or a complete building does not matter.

What do I need for augmented reality and virtual reality?

All of configurations made available on Expivi platform are directly available for AR and VR on your own mobile phone.

Which browsers do you support?

All moderns browsers with support for WebGL and HTML5 are supported. IE11+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and more.

Do you provide consultancy?

Yes. We provide consultancy on 3D modeling as well as setting and managing configurations.

Can I draw my 3D models using Expivi?

No. Expivi is not a 3D modeling software. Expivi’s 3D scene editor allows you to setup you lighting, views, materials, etc.

Who will provide the 3D models?

You can use your existing 3D drawings of your products drawn in you favorite 3D modeling software Expivi provides consultancy to draw 3D models of your product as well.

Is Expivi a SaaS solution?

Yes, Expivi has a subscription model and allows you to setup and build your own product configurators. The simple to use drag and drop system allows anyone to use the system without any programming knowledge.

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