On the 2nd of November 2018, the winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards were announced. Expivi was selected as the winner of the award in the Living & Working theme! The innovative award is a huge acknowledgement for the startup! The whole team worked very hard to make this possible, which made receiving this award extra special! The jury said the following about why Expivi was chosen to be the winner: “With a technologically advanced solution that is user-friendly and efficient. Our winner is on trend in the world of e-commerce, their scalability leads us to believe that they will be able to not just ride the wave but create it.”

RTLZ Report about Expivi

Things were very hectic for Expivi after winning the award, but when things calmed down a bit, RTLZ came by Expivi's office to create a video about the winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards. RTLZ at Expivi - winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards

Watch the result of the report here (dutch):

Or watch the video on the RTLZ site. The video was created in collaboration with Accenture Innovation Awards.

Expivi, winner of the Accenture Innovation Awards in the news

A big plus about winning the Accenture Innovation Awards is the media attention you receive. Here's a few other examples of the reports about Expivi. Accenture Innovation Awards created and posted an article about the start, the now and the future of Expivi. Emerce also created a report on Expivi (Dutch). In their article they tell you why Expivi won the award, what it means to win the award and tell you more about Expivi and what they do. Before the announcement of the winners, Innovation Origins wrote an article about how Expivi came to exist.