Showcase products in full, glorious 3D

Welcome to Internet Shopping 2.0, where consumers experience products from every conceivable angle, just like in a brick-and-mortar store. Expivi's 3D product configurator plugin for Lightspeed revolutionizes customer interactivity, allowing shoppers to create and customize orders just the way they like. Customers can view their products in full 3D with amazing colors, textures, and measurements, all thanks to the latest e-commerce product configurator technology. This is the future of e-commerce.

Expivi's interactive 3D product configuration tool reconstructs the shopping experience. Customers see every detail of their home-made products from the comfort of their own home.

Zoom in. Zoom out. Move products around. The product configurator puts the customer at the center of everything. The result? More engagement. More revenue. This is an innovative way to move customers through sales pipelines.   

The benefits of 3D product configuration

As digital retail swells, merchants need innovative strategies that optimize the online shopping experience. Expivi's product configuration plugin lets shoppers personalize products and order them from your Lightspeed store. There's little of the "back and forth" or time lag that comes with conventional 3D tools. Expivi adapts to the demands of consumers and provides real-time prices based on their customizations. This reduces the workload for digital merchants.

The Lightspeed product configurator provides you with unparalleled protection. If a customer creates a product that doesn't conform to your safety standards, the customer can't go any further.   

How the Lightspeed product configurator works

Expivi's product configurator isn't a 3D "viewer," but a fully-immersive and interactive tool that reinvents the entire online shopping experience. By incorporating Expivi into your Lightspeed store, consumers can personalize products with powerful, responsive 3D models, access up-to-date prices based on their modifications, and complete orders with no human interaction. Just sit back and let Expivi/Lightspeed do all the hard work for you.

Unlike other 3D tools, there are no limits to the number of customizable options available to customers. With the Expivi plugin for Lightspeed, the possibilities are endless.

This can be a profitable revenue stream for your online retail business because customers can see their final products in 3D before placing an order. The tool also reduces time-to-market costs by automating the entire sales process.  

Integrating Expivi with Lightspeed is easy, and you can test the technology before it goes live in your store. You also get full support.

Expivi 3D configurator