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How to integrate with Expivi

At Expivi, we understand the importance of a seamless and efficient integration process of our CPQ system into your existing system. That’s why we offer a range of integration options to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you have a popular e-commerce platform or require a custom or more complex integration into your PIM or ERP, Expivi has you covered. Discover the flexibility and power of our integrations to enhance your business.

E-commerce platform plugins

Expivi offers pre-built plugins for major e-commerce platforms, including Magento, Salesforce Shopify, WooCommerce, SAP commerce Cloud and Shopware. These plugins are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate our CPQ system and 3D configurator into your existing e-commerce setup. With easy installation and configuration, you can quickly unlock the full potential of Expivi within your preferred platform. Check out the details of these integrations in their respective pages or our knowledge base.

Custom Integrations via API

For businesses with unique requirements or proprietary systems, Expivi provides a robust and flexible API. Our API allows for custom integrations, enabling you to connect Expivi’s powerful CPQ and 3D configurator to your custom-built website or third-party applications. With full control and customization options, you can tailor the integration to perfectly align with your business processes. To support our clients with these integrations, we have in house teams for development and support.

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Benefits of Expivi Integrations

Expivi goes beyond traditional 3D and AR solutions to provide you with a composable suite of features tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. With our platform integration you can grow your business in various ways.

improved experience configurator

Enhanced user experience

Seamlessly integrate our CPQ system and 3D configurator into your e-commerce platform or custom solution, providing a consistent and engaging user experience for your customers.

increase cross-sell configurator

Streamlined order processes

Integrate Expivi with your existing systems to automate and streamline your order processes. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy a more efficient workflow.

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Real-time data synchronization

Keep your product information, pricing, and inventory data up to date across all integrated systems, ensuring accurate and consistent information for your customers.

quotation process configurator

Increased efficiency

By eliminating manual tasks and streamlining processes, Expivi integrations empower your team to focus on core business activities, saving time and resources.

increase revenue configurator

Scalability and flexibility

Our integrations are designed to scale with your business growth. Whether you’re a small startup or an enterprise-level organization, Expivi can adapt to your evolving needs.

augmented reality experience

Augmented Reality

With the Augmented Reality feature of Expivi’s 3D configurator you can showcase your configured product digitally through any mobile phone. This helps customers in their buyers decision process.

Integration and plugins

Expivi offers various plugins and integration possibilities. Below is an overview of platforms with an integration page. Are you using another CMS or platform? No problem, we also have other opportunities. Schedule a demo for more info!

magento expivi


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salesforce expivi


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Sana Commerce

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sap expivi


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shopify expivi


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shopware expivi


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wordpress expivi


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